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31 Beautiful Affirmation Cards for Kids (Printable)

What are affirmation cards for kids?

Affirmation cards are individual cards, usually the size of a deck of cards (or slightly bigger), that have written individual positive affirmations on them.

Positive affirmations are simply positive phrases or statements told to oneself in hopes to challenge negative thoughts and give way to positive and productive ones.

Children affirmation cards typically contain simple and powerful affirmations that have the potential of making a big impact in the way they think about themselves and their surroundings.

Examples of affirmations found in children affirmation cards include, ” I am kind”, I “am brave”, and “I am smart”, “My life is beautiful”, etc.

How do children affirmation cards work?

Affirmation card for kids work as visual aids in helping them remember their worth, value, and strength.

By reading/listening to positive affirmation on a daily basis, they become more aware of their thoughts, in turn leading to positive actions.

For children in particular, positive affirmations can help reassure them in potential trouble areas such as self-esteem and self-awareness.

The main goals with affirmation cards is to have our kids use them daily and purposefully. Repetition and intentional use are very important in making sure these positive phrases are actually molding their thought process and behavior.

With repetitive and intentional use these key messages will be given a chance to sink in and hopefully become a way of life as they grow older.

The earlier we introduce positive affirmation into our children’s life and daily routine, the better.

As the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine explains, “during a child’s early years, the brain develops in rapid and fundamental ways, and connections among neurons are reinforced. Because of this, early childhood is a window of both great risk of vulnerability to disruption and great potential for the impact of positive developmental influences.” (Source)

31 Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids

Because kids are great visual learners, affirmation cards are usually vibrant and fun.

A great bundle is this 31 Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids.

affirmation cards for kids (printable)

With this Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids you will receive a 15-Page PDF containing:

  • 31 Positive Affirmation Cards
  • BONUS: (4) 5×7 Affirmation Phrase
  • BONUS: (4) 8×10 Affirmation Phrase

children affirmation cards (printable)


As a BONUS, you will also receive (4) 5×7 and 8×10 Printables. They are great for framing them or put it in their school folders!

positive affirmation printables for kids

affirmation for kids printables

Once purchased, download your printable cards, cut them to size, and enjoy! 🙂

Printing and Instructions:

When printing these affirmation cards, it is recommended you use cardstock paper for better durability. Laminating these cards is also a good idea because it will add to the longevity of these cards.

If you have been meaning to purchase a laminator, here is a really inexpensive one.

If you do not have cardstock paper, or a Laminator, no WORRIES!

Regular paper works fine. Plus, once downloaded, these affirmation cards are yours for a lifetime, so you can print them as many times as you wish!

Then, cut them to shape and enjoy!

But wait, how do you even use these affirmation cards for kids?


How to Use Affirmation Cards for Kids?

There are dozens of ways you can you use affirmation cards for kids. Ideally, affirmation cards are used daily to encourage repetition and a pattern of positive thinking.

Depending on the age of your children you can make modifications to some of the following affirmation card activities.

Here are some great ways you can use affirmation cards for kids:

Lunch Box Cards

Their lunch box is a great place to include messages you want them to read. Simply, place an affirmation card of you choice in their lunch box and they will see it as soon as they open it.

To ensure that they read and understood their affirmation, ask then about it everyday afterschool and have a dialogue about it.

The Affirmation Cards for Kids Bundle incudes 31 affirmation, thus allowing you to send them a different card every day of the week for an entire month!

Wall Art and Room Decor

Another great way to display affirmation phrases is by showcasing them in areas they hang around often, such as their room and playrooms.

The Printable Affirmation Card for Kids Bundle mentioned earlier in this article comes with (4) 5×7 and (4) 8×10 phrases that can be used to frame and hang in the wall, or frame and put on their nightstand.

children affirmation wall art

Morning Message 

Usually, the way you start off your day tends to set a trend for the rest of your day. Same is true for our kids.

A great way to use the children affirmation cards is to hang one memory card in their bathroom mirror.

Here are a few ways you can achieve that:

  • Place a double-sided tape in the back of the card.
  • Place a small Command Hook in the mirror and holepunch each card. Hang a new card each day in their bathroom mirror and ask them to read and repeat the phrase a few times.

It might seem insignificant, but the 2 minutes a day they spend brushing teeth in the morning, is a great time for them to read their affirmations and repeat it to themselves.

Family discussion 

Another very effective way to use affirmation cards for kids is through engagement!

To achieve this method, choose one affirmation card a day and discuss the topic on the card.

For instance, if the card says, “I love myself”, ask them to tell you a few things they love about themselves and what it means to appreciate and respect yourself.


Because the Affirmation Cards for Kids Bundle mentioned earlier come as a digital file, you can download them and make them a screensaver.

Use them as screensavers in their tables, computers, and phones.

positive affirmation cards for kids screensavers for kids

For the regular affirmation cards, you can crop them to size and save them a stand alone file, or you can use any of the 8 bonus images which have already been designed to size.

Journal Entry and Positive Writing

School age kids can use their affirmation cards as journals entries. Using these positive affirmation phrases as journal entries, kids can elaborate more about each phrase by writing them down on a journal.

Here is an example…

Affirmation: “I am Brave.”

What does being brave mean to me?

How have I been brave lately?

What things can I do to work on being brave?

What makes me feel brave?

As the weeks and months pass by, you might notice a shift in the journal entries and the content written in them. Remember, the more involved you are in this process with them, the more effective this will be.

Memory Game  

This is one of my kids favorite games. It is a simple and fun game which helps reinforce memory, and in this case, it will also help reinforce positive affirmations as they match the cards together.

To play the memory game with kids affirmation cards, simply:

  1. Print out 2 sets of the affirmation cards
  2. Place them in no particular order upside down
  3. The first player will flip one card over, then a second card. If the cards match, they keep the pair ang go again. If they don’t match, it is the other players turn to flip two cards.
  4. The winner is the player with the most pairs once all memory affirmation cards have been turned.

Note: Try printing the affirmation cards in cardstock paper for better results, since with regular paper the images might be visible when flipped over.


Another great way to use these affirmation cards is to laminate them and use as bookmarks.

You can use them as is, or embellish them with a cute tassel. I made these tassels out of yarn.

affirmation cards for kids, bookmarks for kids

Art Display 

Art displays are very popular in our house. You can make your very own display by using clothes pins and rope. Here a great, inexpensive set.

Simply, pin the rope on each side and hang the affirmations cards on the clothes pins.

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In Summary

Now more than ever our kids need as much encouragement and positive thinking as they can get.

It is up to us to create an environment they can succeed in and offer them the tools they need to help them stay grounded, think positive, and make good choices.

Parenting isn’t easy, but we try our best… and I believe this Printable Affirmation Cards are a great and inexpensive resource to help reinforce what we know our children are capable of accomplishing.

Have you ever used affirmation cards for kids? Have you used them for yourself? How did they help?

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Printable Affirmation Cards for Kids

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