5 Memorable and Bonding Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids and Parents

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than to make some everlasting memories by doing these memorable outdoors Spring activities for kids and parents.

Spring reminds me of new beginnings.

Flowers blooms, ducklings hatch, and butterflies break out of their cocoons.

Why don’t we as parents, use this time to reset and renew our efforts in making everlasting memories with our children.

This spring I want to grant you with 5 memorable and inexpensive outdoor spring activities that your children will remember for a lifetime.

Now, I know many parents will likely skim trough this article just to get an overall idea of what all 5 outdoor spring activities are….

However, I assure you, you are going to want to read it in full detail.

Below, will give ideas you can implement to turn a regular spring activity into childhood memories your children remember forever.

The goal with all 5 activities is to be a more present parent and practicing mindful parenting for the length of each activity.

That will ensure that your parent-child relationships will bloom like Spring flowers for years to come.

Ready? Lets begin…

5 Bonding Outdoor Spring Activity for Kids and Parents

 Don't settle for boring Spring activities! Instead bond with your kids by doing these memorable & inexpensive outdoor Spring activities for kids & parents. #spring #springactivities #springactivitiesforkids #kidactivities

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1. Go on a Picnic

5 Memorable and Bonding Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids and Parents. #spring #springactivities #springactivitiesforkids #kidactivities

Spring is the perfect time of the year to have picnics at the park.

The weather is nice, the birds are chirping… I mean, beautiful.

But how is this memorable? Well, it could be all on its own. But, let’s kick it up a notch.

The Spring Activities Game Plan

Fill up a picnic basket with friendly foods and other essentials.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, here is an example:

Then, pick up your child from school.

Yes, personally.

They will LOVE this, specially if you don’t normally do this. You get brownie points if you pick them up early.

Now don’t be alarm to hear them say, “What’s wrong mom? Why are you here”?

Tell them that you planned something special for them because you love them, and they deserve it.

Then, set out to your beautiful picnic with the person you love most on this universe.

Use this time to:

  • Listen to them
  • Ask them about their day
  • Read a book while you are there
  • Talk about old happy memories
  • Make plans for another date
  • Read them a letter you wrote for them

I guarantee you, this is day they will NEVER forget. After all, believe it or not, all your child wants is to be with you!

Note: If you have more children you can opt to do it as a family or choose to do it individually to have a one-on-one time with each.

Gear up

2. Plants Flowers

Don't settle for boring Spring activities! Instead bond with your kids by doing these memorable & inexpensive outdoor Spring activities for kids & parents. #spring #springactivities #springactivitiesforkids #kidactivities

The idea of planting a living organism and watching it grow is remarkable.

Spring is a great time to plant flowers or a tree with your children and make it a fun and learning experience.

Also, making a garden is a great mother daughter date idea.

Here is how we make it special…

The Spring Activities Game Plan

  • Have your child go with you to select the flowers
  • Allow to them to pick the color and the pot (if using one)
  • Read the instruction together and go over basic flower care rules (most flowers come with their own instructions)

Use this time to:

  • Teach your child about nature, life, animals and our human responsibility to care for them and respect them
  • Create a temporary schedule for when they will water the plants

Gear up

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3. Go on a hike

outdoor spring activities for kids and parents

Hikes are so much fun and one of the must-do outdoor Spring activities for kids.

These days our children are constantly surrounded by electronics and other means of entertainment.

It is important that we dedicate time to help them get the exercise they need and at the same time get some fresh air.

Getting out of the school, work, chores, homework routine helps to reset and unwind.

So, a spring hike sound exactly what the doctor ordered.

Now, I know we all don’t have fancy hiking trails with beautiful tall forests trees.

I would know, I live in South Florida!

But there are plenty of parks that have walking an biking trails you can enjoy together.

You can also just stroll around the neighborhood. We do that often and my kids love it.

The Spring Activities Game Plan

This is another activity you can personally pick up your child from school for.

In addition, preparing a few snacks and even a picnic basket will be a good idea.

Going for a walk is the perfect time to apply present parenting techniques and interact and engage with your child.

Simply engage with them by talking to them about what they see.

The simple fact of being with them, while breathing is some fresh air, away from phones, TV, and technology, is an amazing feeling.

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4. Play in the Rain

Don't settle for boring Spring activities! Instead bond with your kids by doing these memorable & inexpensive outdoor Spring activities for kids & parents. #spring #springactivities #springactivitiesforkids #kidactivities

Alright, alright! I know this might not be the ideal scenario for most parents.

Kids getting wet, mud all over the place, and a pile of wet laundry clothes.

However, I guarantee you it will be a memory for the record books.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are about paying in the rain.

The Spring Activities Game Plan

On a rainy day, ask your kids if they would like to go play in the rain.

If you are anything like me (a clean and tidy freak of nature) your children will think you’re hallucinating. And when they realize that you are in fact serious, they will love you forever.

I mean think about it! Imagine you are a child and you parents literally offered to let you play in the rain! You would be jumping for joy and would tell all of your friends the next day in school.

Had my parents volunteered to let me play in the rain I would have been static. That never happen obviously, my sibling and I used to sneak out the back door to play in the rain. Shhhh..

You can opt to give them rain coats, and rain boots so they can splash in puddles. Or you can opt to go old school and let them run around in the rain in their underwear, haha.

Use this time to:

Interact with them! Be part of the fun, be part of their happy moment.

Get wet, have fun, enjoy your children.

It let’s them know that they can bring their guard down and just be! That they can be present and in the moment with you.

Gear up


5. Go Butterfly Catching

Don't settle for boring Spring activities! Instead bond with your kids by doing these memorable & inexpensive outdoor Spring activities for kids & parents. #spring #springactivities #springactivitiesforkids #kidactivities

This is another childhood memory for me, and I am happy to say that my children love it just as much.

Around our house, there are usually small yellow butterflies that linger around grassy areas all year-round.

But in spring time, they multiply by the dozen.

When we walk around the neighborhood there is a big patch of grass that usually has a lot of them. The kids call it the butterfly garden, and that’s where we do most of our butterfly catching.

Note: We never, under any circumstances injure a butterfly or are careless about how we handle them.

The goal of this Spring activity is to play along side them, catch them to take a closer look by putting them in a breathable container for a few minutes, and then release them back in to nature.

I teach this to my children over and over and they like to thank the butterflies after our butterfly catching activity.

The Spring Activities Game Plan

Locate a place where butterflies linger.

Usually grassy areas where there are blooming flowers.

If your kids have never done this before it will be a new and fun activity.

My kids have done it multiple times and every time they love it just as much.

Take your butterfly nets and your butterfly houses.

Depending were you go you might also want to take drinking water. Believe me, this butterfly catching situations can get competitive.

Note: Another alternative to this Spring activity is to take them to a Butterfly Garden. We have a place by our house called “Butterfly World” and it is a great activity to experience with your children.

Use this time to:

  • Enjoy the moment with them
  • Be part of their experience
  • Teach them about nature
  • Teach them to be gentle

Gear up


Final Thoughts

Children grow, fast!

Outdoor Spring activities allow us to pause our crazy daily routines and enjoy our children by practicing present parenting.

Make the commitment this Spring to play out one of these memorable Spring activities for kids by implementing every detail.

Make it special for them. Don’t let this be another regular activity.

Make it memorable, make it fun, make it special and everlasting.

Trust me when I tell you, they will remember it forever.

What outdoor Spring activities for kids do you love? Which ones do you remember from your childhood?

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outdoor spring activities for kids and parents

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