5 “Letter to Santa” Template Printables (Downloadable PDF)

If you have been looking for the perfect Letter to Santa Template Printables, you are in luck!

Let’s face it, one of the most memorable events of the Holiday Season for our little ones IS to write their long-awaited “Letter to Santa”.

As busy moms, settling for a piece of paper where our kids can jot down their Christmas wishes is enough. Trust me, I’ve been there.

However, it wasn’t until last year that my son actually started paying attention to his “Letter to Santa” Template. He wanted to make sure it was special and worthy.

After all, Santa himself will get to read it, right?

So, to make this beautiful family Christmas tradition even more special, I create 5 “Letter to Santa” template printable (as a PDF download), which kids can use every single year to create his/her special letter.

Now my almost 3-year-old daughter has joined the write a “Letter to Santa” Club, and she also gets to choose between one of these 5 fun template printables.

Letter to Santa Template Printable, PDF Download

Are these free “Letter to Santa” Templates?

These templates are currently on sale for $2 per template.

HOWEVER, if you purchase the “Letter to Santa” Template Printable BUNDLE you not ONLY pay $5  for all 5 templates, BUT you will also receive the “Letter from Santa” printables as a bonus.

Letter from Santa Template Printable

A few days after you kiddos fill out their Santa Letter Template, you can present them with the “Letter from Santa”.

The Letter from Santa bonus will include TWO versions:

  • addressed to only one child
  • addressed to multiple children (if more than one child in your household)

* More details about each template, the bundle, and the bonus next. But, first…

Why pay for “Letter to Santa” Template Printables?

These beautiful Christmas template printables are much more than just “another printable”.

By watching my own children write and draw on them has reassured me that the sentiment of the occasion is worth making it as special as we can.

These are high-quality, colorful, and vibrant “Letters to Santa” templates.

They were created with love and sentiment… from one mother to another and inspired by my own little ones and our restless love for the meaning of Christmas.

These “Letter to Santa” and ” Letter from Santa” templates will be keepsakes you can store and cherish for years to come, and eventually, one day, passed down to our children’s generation.

In my opinion, these are probably the most inexpensive, yet the most memorable item you will purchase this holiday season.

Here is all you need to know…

“Letter to Santa” Template Printable

5 Letter to Santa Printable Template, PDF Download

These Letters to Santa Templates were designed with every child in mind.

There is a template option to meet each one of our child’s developmental stages, personalities, and preferences.

There is a “Letter for Santa” template specifically for:

  • Kids learning to write (with primary line paper print)
  • Kids who love to draw
  • Older kids who choose to write their own letter
  • and those who like to fill out boxes, fill in the blank and make lists

So… let’s see them in action, shall we?

Letter for Santa: Template 1

Letter to Santa Template Printable 1

Printable #1 is perfect for kids who are learning how to write.

The primary line paper print allows for them to trace words and small sentences.

Assist them by writing their Christmas wish list items on a piece of paper and having them rewrite them in their “Letter to Santa” template. Or, you can dot the words in the template itself and they can trace it.

Letter for Santa: Template 2

Letter to Santa Template Printable

Template #2 is great for kids of all ages. Especially those who love to fill in the blanks, checkboxes, and make lists.

This one in particular allows them to list the items in order which they love to do.

This Santa Letter Template is one of my son’s favorite templates because as per his explanation, “I like that I get to put my present wishes in order”. Spoken like a true OCDer like his mother, haha.

Letter for Santa: Template 3

Sample to Santa Template Printable

Template #3 is in fill in the blank format. Your child will love this format if he/she loves cartoons.

There is a specific section where your kids get to tell Santa what their favorite cartoons are and what their favorite color is.

It also has a few lines underneath giving them room to be expressive with their Christmas wishes.

Letter for Santa: Template 4

Letter to Santa Template Printable

This template is one of my favorites because it allows kids to be creative and use artwork to express themselves.

There are two sections that ask them to draw a picture of their family and a picture of his Christmas wishes to help Santa remember.

Letter for Santa: Template 5

Letter to Santa Template

Last but not least, this classic “Letter to Santa” template printable is ideal for older kids who rather write their own letters to Santa from beginning to end.

Letter for Santa Template Bundle + Bonus!

Letter to Santa Template Printable Bundle, Downloadable PDF, Letter from Santa

The Letter for Santa Template Printable Bundle includes all 5 template printables, PLUS a Bonus!

As a bonus, you will also receive a “Letter from Santa” with 2 different versions (one written in singular for ONE child, and one in plural directed to multiple children in the household).

Letter from Santa Template Printable

You get all 7 Printables for ONLY $5!

The Template Bundle is a great fit for any family who:

  • has more than one child
  • has a young child and would like to use them for upcoming Christmases
  • would like to gift the other templates to other children in the family
  • wants to let their child choose his favorite and save the rest for the next few years
  • would like to save 70%
  • want to receive the  Bonus “Letter from Santa” template printable

So, now that your child has his/her beautiful “Letter to Santa” template and has filled it out… where does he/she send it?

Well, to Santa’s address of course:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Then, surprise them with a “Letter from Santa” a few days after they mailed their letter (included in the bundle). 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I receive my “Letter to Santa” Template Printable? 

Once the payment is authorized you will receive an email notification with your electronic product in PDF format. You will then download your PDF and print it at your convenience. The template is yours for a lifetime.

Printing instructions: Color ink is recommended to showcase the color and detailed nature of each printable.

2. Will I receive a physical letter? 

No. This is a digital product and you will receive it in PDF Print format.

3. What size are the “Letters to Santa” and the “Letter from Santa” Template Printable?

They are standard letter size printables (8.5 x 11 inches).

4. Are these Printables refundable? 

Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable.

5. Is PayPal the only way to pay for the templates? 

No. You can pay with your Credit Card. After you have clicked on the amount, scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be an option for Credit Card payments.

6. Any other questions?

Please submit any questions or comments to

There you have it my friend… Fun, beautiful, and meaningful “Letter to Santa” template printables that your kiddos will appreciate and remember for years to come.

If you found these printable templates helpful and meaningful, please help me spread the word by sharing them on your social media handles.

Thanks a million!

Merry Christmas.

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