Avoid Mom Burnout: 5 Unexpected Places to Think Clearly for Busy Moms

It is not a secret that motherhood is a very noisy place, and that mom burnout is inevitable if we don’t know how to prevent it.

In fact, mom burnout is a very real and challenging thing to experience.

Well, you my friend, are not alone… and it happens one way or another to ALL of us.

Please don’t let that perfectly staged, filtered, and photo shopped Instagram picture fool you.

Externally, we are constantly exposed to screaming toddlers. Or, to Baby Shark videos playing in the background at its highest volume capacity because your one-year-old got a hold of the remote.

Internally, we are consumed by everyday noises as well such as our endless to-do list replaying over and over in our head. Plus, the other million things that us moms crowd our minds with.

Sometimes it isn’t easy or possible to escape the madness, I know.

But, it is extremely important that we get small bits of clarity through the day to refocus, recharge, and reboot.

So, how can you possibly find a place where you can think clearly and avoid the dreaded mom burnout?

Easy! Book yourself an all-day spa and drink champagne as you receive a heavenly Swedish foot rub.

Alright, alright. Fine.

That isn’t very realistic. But I’ll tell you what is…

Here are five unexpected places where you can often find peace and quiet to help you gather your thoughts, think more clearly, deal with mom anxiety, and avoid mom burnout.

5  Places to Think Clearly and Avoid Mom Burnout

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1. Traffic

I admit, being stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Specially, if you have kids on board and they are being rowdy.

However, oftentimes times we underestimate the power of some alone time even if it means being surrounded by other cars which are moving at turtle speed.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, try putting soothing music on the radio and direct your mind to productive and positive thoughts.

Here a handy list of what I use my traffic time to do:

  • Pray
  • Reflect things that are taking place in my life and how to make them better
  • Counting my blessings
  • Starting a grocery list
  • Thinking of ways to improve my business
  • Sit still and just be (sometimes looking at my surroundings; the vast sky, birds, other commuters, constructions workers, firetrucks rushing to an emergency… make me realize how incredibly blessed we are to be living.).

I don’t know about you, but I think all those things beat being angry and lashing out at other drivers who ultimately can’t do anything about your situation.

I like to keep a note pad and pencil on the glove compartment because it isn’t unusual for ideas to come flowing to me as I do that.

Of course, these days you could create voice notes on your phone. But, trying to avoid your cellphone use while driving (even in standstill traffic) is always a good idea.

So, next time you are stuck in traffic, ideally by yourself without the kids, try one of these ideas.

I guarantee you that when you get home from wherever you went you will be a much happier mamma.

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2. Shopping

Although this one seems to be a weird suggestion, it happens to be one of my favorites places to get some mental clarity.

Let me explain…

Much like being stuck in traffic, this works better when you are without the kids.

Because I am always with the kids, my husband knows that when I go grocery shopping he is to stay with them.

Every Sunday, I take about an hour or two (by myself) and go buy the things we need for the week ahead.

I do my best thinking and brain storming at the parking lot of my local grocery store.

I jot down ideas that come to me for my business and I even get to answer some emails.

You think that’s weird? Give it a try and then let me know how that goes for you.

I find that one of the best antidotes against mom burnout, ans that is directing your thoughts to a creative and goal-setting mindset.

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3. Folding Laundry and Washing Dishes

Oh, the lovely home chores we all love to hate.

But, what if I told you that if while doing those chores you are able to use that time to do something productive.

You can learn something new, review something you want to learn more of, or just simply listen or watch something encouraging and inspirational.

Here are a few examples:

  • Listen to a podcast about How to Start a Side Hustle 
  • Watch a video on How to Get out of Debt Sooner
  • Watch a Video on Thinks you can do to Live a Happier Life
  • Listen to audio-books, these are great because they just require you to listen as you do things around the house, even driving (try Audible Audiobooks from Amazon- they give you 2 FREE audiobooks when you sign up fro their 30-day free trial)

Despite of what you watch or listen to, make sure that it is something that you can learn from and that can make a positive impact in your life.

Faith, business, personal, parenting, hobby, finances… there is always room for improvement and personal development in all these areas in our lives.

Definitely a must in preventing and treating mom burnout.

4. In the Shower

I am not sure if it happens to you, but the best ideas that come to me happen as I am taking a shower.

The shower is the one place where I am completely alone, and I get to do all of my creative thinking.

It isn’t rare that I step out of the showers a few times to write something down.

Another great alternative is taking a bath. Light your candles, put a few drops of your favorite organic essential oils, put some music, and enjoy.

5. Sitting on the throne 

Okay, maybe not the throne we were hoping to be sitting on as we enjoy so quiet time.

But, the toilet happens to be a great place to disconnect from the madness going on around us.

Most of the time that is!

Using the toilet in my house means that a 5-year-old is playing with his toys on the floor and a 2-year-old is most likely emptying out the bathroom cabinets.

But, in the rarity that I get time alone in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet is one of the best times for me to think clearly, read, and formulate game plans.

Yesss… the toilet. After all, I did say  5 unexpected places, haha.

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As moms we are incredibly busy all the time.

It is so hard to find small cracks throughout the day that allows us to think clearly, be creative, work on ourselves, set goals, and learn something new.

Ultimately, it comes down to how we use our time.

Truth is, we can’t find the time because there isn’t any.

Instead, we have to make the time.

We do that by making the best out of our daily responsibilities (laundry, dishes, dinner) and necessities (taking a shower, using the toilet) and applying it to something that can benefit all other aspects of our lives.

What places help you think clearly and help you avoid mom burnout?

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  1. The throne… Haha. So true. My kids are just now old enough that I can actually close the door for a moment. Why do showers bring the best thoughts. Haha. Thank you for this. I might have to look up a new podcast to check out.

  2. Yes, girl! So true! Especially as a homeschooler I treasure those 5 minutes I can get alone in the bathoom. Podcasts bring some serious joy to folding laundry!! Great post!

    1. I am so glad to hear I am not alone in the “finding peace in the bathroom” department, haha.
      Thanks for reading Cara.


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