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9 Ways to Create a Positive School Morning Routine for Kids

School morning routine for kids should be positive, easy, and stress-free… right?

Well… experience tells us otherwise, doesn’t it?

The alarm goes off and the school morning routine chaos unfolds! Everyone rushing, everyone snoozing their alarms, kids fighting for the bathroom…. and us moms, well opting to put our makeup in the car because, well, we are running late… again!

Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone.

Most parents experience the same frustration every morning as they try to get everyone up and running and out the door on time for school (and work).

In addition, let’s face it… Not all of us are morning people.

However, our kids depend on us each and every morning to wake them up, get them ready, and send them off to school.

If we manage to do that successfully, we can help them start their day (and ours) on a positive note.

So, how do we make one of the most stressful parenting routines work in our favor?

Let’s take a look at these 9 school morning routine for kids ideas so that we can once and for all start enjoying mornings again, sort of.

7 Positive School Morning Routine for Kids

school morning routine for kids

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1. Prepare the day before

A stress-free school morning routine for kids starts with a good foundation and preparation.

It is likely that you will even get a better night sleep yourself if you know that when you wake up you won’t have to scramble to get things done last minute.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you save precious time during your kid’s school morning routine:

  • Lay out uniforms/school clothes, shoes, and socks in a designated area for each child
  • Prepare lunches ahead of time (pack fruit salads, vegetables, cold sandwiches, etc.)
  • If you pack their lunch, have a pre-written lunch and snack menu for the week
  • Lay out your work clothes and other supplies (purse, keys, etc.)

2. A good morning routine starts with a good night routine!

school morning routine for kids

One of the most important aspects of a great kid’s morning routine, is to make sure they had a great routine the night prior.

Here are a few great tips for a bedtime routine that will help kids wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.

Early bedtime. I know it is an obvious suggestion, but it worth the mention. We are all guilty of losing track of time and forgetting to send the kids to bed early on a school night. In fact, older kids will often fuss about going to bed early. However, it so important they get a good night’s sleep to counteract morning exhaustion and crankiness.

Creating a calming environment. It is no secret that the more relaxed we go to bed, the better we sleep, and the more rested we wake up in the morning. Thing such as a warm shower before bed, reading a book, a dim room, and no tv one hour before bed—all help in creating a great night routine.

Finish all homework by 6pm! This might sound like a weird suggestion but you will be surprised to know that some kids finish their homework in the morning during breakfast or on their way to school. None of those things will lead to a stress-free morning routine for kids, or you!

Involve them. Teaching our kids from early on how to be responsible for themselves and their belongings is a crucial aspect of positive parenting. If they learn to set out their school clothes and make sure they have all of the things they need the following day, morning routines will be a lot smoother for everyone!

3. Get up before Kids

This step is fundamental in starting a stress-free school morning routine for kids. Waking up earlier than our children allows us to set time aside for ourselves.

When you dedicate time for yourself first thing in the morning, tackling what’s to come can feel less daunting.

Here are a few ideas of the things you can do in the early morning to reset your mind and start on a positive note:

  • Eat a healthy high protein breakfast
  • Turn on the radio (I love smooth Jazz and Christian Worship)
  • Get an early workout (15-minute Yoga videos are great)
  • Read a chapter of a new book while eating breakfast
  • Start reading a daily devotional 
  • Read a chapter of the Bible
  • Meditate

Waking up extra early to do any of these things might sound more of a sacrifice that anything else. But trust me, once you get going you will realize the incredible difference that it has on the rest of your day if you’re consistent.

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4. Help them Start the Morning Right

positive morning routine for kids

Just like you need to set the mood to start you day of on a good note, helping your kids do the same it is also as important.

Usually, how they start off their morning will typically dictate how their day will progress as well.

So, implement things on your school morning routine that helps your kids start a stress-free, calm, and positive day alongside you by:

  • Waking them up with kiss, a snuggle, and a gentle voice.
  • Hang positive affirmation cards in their bathroom mirror.
  • If you have older kids that are not into the kissing stuff (e.g. teenagers!), help them program their alarm clock to their favorite song.
  • Encourage them to listen to calming music as they eat breakfast instead of watching TV or playing with their iPad.
  • Read an inspirational quote together and discuss it.

Thinking happy, hopeful, optimistic, joyful thoughts decreases cortisol and produces serotonin, which creates a sense of well-being. (Source).

5. Time Stagger

Time staggering is particularly important if you have limited bathroom space and more than one child.

By waking up your kids in 5-10 minutes intervals you can ensure that their school morning schedules stagger.

In turn, preventing the famous, “MOMMMM, she’s still in the bathroom” dilemma.

Wake up your “least morning loving” child earlier so that they have a bit more time to get ready. Then, wake up every other child 5-10 minutes thereafter.

If you have older kids creating a time staggering schedule will be a lifesaver in you morning routine. Even if everyone wakes up at the same time, they will each have designated times for things they share such as the infamous bathroom!

6. Create a morning school routine chart

Using the time staggering method above you can also create a school morning routine chart!

Routine charts prove children a sense of order, control, and expectancy which combats anxiety and frustration. Especially for younger children.

Designate time slots for morning tasks such as bathroom time, breakfast, and getting dressed and ready, and tv time (if you choose to incorporate that as part of your child’s morning routine).

The morning school routine chart is most beneficial for parents with multiple children.

For younger kids use stickers and images to describe a certain task, such as brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, etc. Here is a great one.

Once they have a mental note of those times by doing them often, it will become second nature.

You can even implement a weekly/monthly reward system for those who followed their charts successfully.

In addition to a morning routine schedule, after school routines are also important to have.

Oh and, if you need help creating all kinds of children routines I recommend you take a look at this course.

Family Routines: How to Automate Your Housewife Life will teach you:

  • Lunch Routines
  • Kids helping with meals
  • Morning routines
  • After school routines
  • Packing
  • Allowance
  • Cleaning and house chores routines
  • Homework routines
  • and…many more!

You can check out the full curriculum here.

I mean honestly, when you are done with this easy to follow and implement course you will be a new mom.

Sometimes all we need is a fresh set of ideas we can implement to what we already do daily, but in a more efficient manner.

Maybe you will be able to kick up your feet up at the end of the night and watch Netflix after all.

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7. Assign spaces

Nothings drives me crazier than a six o’clock in the morning, “Mommm, where is my backpack!!!” Been there, done that, fixed that problem.

Find a corner in your home (close to the door or in your kid’s room where you can create assigned spaces for their school related items).

Whether it be a mud-room, a command center, or a wall with hooks and a few cubbies—get organized! It will change your life.

Here are some great organization items you can order from Amazon:

Mudroom Bench

This Mudroom Bench is a great simple was to keep school school stuff organized. Simply add hooks on the wall behind it for back packs and coats, and voila!

Shoes and Hooks Furniture Piece 

This shoe storage with hooks is not only beautiful but beneficial. This is the perfect solution for keeping everything organized when they arrive from school making each morning routine for kids that much easier.

Ensure that when they get home from school they go directly to the new storage system  and placed their belongings on their designated spaces.

You will never have to hear, “mom, where is my backpack again!”.

Okay, almost never.

8. Morning tasks first, then TV

It isn’t a secret that most kids (including mine) like to wake up and go straight to the television to watch cartoons or use their electronic devices as they eat breakfast.

Television or any other type of electronics tends to delay the school morning routine process by distracting them from their morning task.

To solve that problem, ensure they first use the restroom, wash their faces, brush their teeth and make their bed before they do anything else.

9. It’s all about positive vibes!

Positive morning routines for kids are not very hard to achieve. But, it does take patience, repetition, and persistence.

Just like adults, the way our children feel as they start off their day, will likely have a impact on the rest it.

A great and positive technique to implement in your morning routine with your child, is introducing positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations help our kids repeat positive and pleasant phrases, hence making an impact in the way they think, feel, and act.

A great way to introduce positive affirmations is to use Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids.

Here is a great printable bundle!

affirmation cards for kids (printable)

There are multiple ways you can use positive affirmation cards for children, but particularly in the morning you can hang their cards in bathroom mirror. It is easily achievable with a piece of tape or a small Command Hook. The ideas is that as they brush their teeth, they can read and reflect in the daily affirmation.

If you drive your kids to school, ask them about their daily affirmation and engage in a meaning conversation that emphasizes on that positive phrase. If your kids take the bus, then ask them over breakfast instead.

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In Summary

School morning routines with kids can feel daunting and chaotic.

That is true whether you have one child or ten.

Some morning may also seem more challenging that others, and that is okay.

But, sticking to the tips we just covered here will enable you to start your school morning routine less stressed and overwhelmed.

In turn, helping your children also start their day on a more positive and happier note.

See you in the morning mama…. Before the kids get up of course.

What does your morning routine for kids looks like?

school morning routine for kids ideas

morning routine for kids

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