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Age-Appropriate Chores for 8-10 Year Olds (Daily, Weekly, & Allowances)

The concept of chores should start at an early age. As they grow older, their ability to contribute to the family nucleus by completing chores also increases. So today we will be talking all about assigning age-appropriate chores for 8-10-year-olds, rewards and allowances, chores vs life skills, chore charts, and more.

Here is an outline of what you will find in this article:

  • Why assign chores to 8-10-year-olds?
  • Chores vs Life Skills
  • Should you offer an allowance or rewards for chores?
  • Chore Chart Ideas
  • Tips and Considerations
  • Full list of daily chores for 8-10-year-olds
  • Weekly chores for 8-10-year-olds
  • Allowances for optional chores
chores for 8-10 year olds

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Why assign chores to 8-10-year-olds?

As previously mentioned, implementing a chore routine should start early on (ages 2-3).

Research suggests that children who have been given chores from an early age exhibit some of the following characteristics:

  • higher self-esteem
  • more responsible
  • tend to be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification

In turn, these skills can lead to greater success in school, work, and relationships.

By ages, 8 to 10 kids are more capable of not only completing their daily chores but also understanding why they do them.

With that said, before assigning chores to your 8, 9, or 10 years old, it is important to understand the difference between chores and life skills.

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Chores vs Life Skills

Oftentimes, you find articles and other resources which include “life skills” as part of your child’s chore list.

However, 8-10 years olds should have already learned “life skills” and the role they play in their everyday routine.

What do I mean by life skills? Basic life necessities to care for themselves, their bodies, and their belongings.

For instance:

  • Brush their teeth
  • Bathe
  • Eat Vegetables
  • Get dressed
  • Make themselves snacks
  • Take dirty clothes to the laundry room after they take a shower

Unlike younger kids whose chore charts might include “brush my teeth” and “get dressed” as part of their daily routine, 8-10-year-olds should be expected to perform these tasks without being written on paper.

Although some 8-10-year-olds might need daily reinforcement to get these tasks done, they aren’t necessarily “chores”.

Chore Allowances and Rewards for 8-10 years olds

Kids love money! Who doesn’t, right? Especially 8 to 10-year-olds.

This age group is starting to realize that money can get the things they like. They are starting to love the idea of having their “own money” to buy “whatever they want”.

Although introducing them to the concept of money management and value at a young age is important, it is just as crucial to make sure we are doing it correctly.

It is not recommended that children receive monetary compensation to do all household chores.

Doing chores is part of their contribution to being part of the family. Also, doing chores teaches them how to care for themselves and be responsible for their surroundings and belongings. Therefore, chores should not be conditional on monetary compensation, because that can create a sense of confusion and set false expectations down the road.

No child should feel like they should get paid to make their bed in the morning. Once they are off to college, no one will pay them to wash their own laundry or wash their own dishes.

With that said, you can designate special “optional” tasks or “Work for Hire” chores that they can do for money, once their daily chores are completed.

Optional tasks should be a bit more complex in nature and not interfere with their expected daily chores.

A great way to keep track of their earnings and teach them about earning, saving, and managing money is with the Greenlight Debit Card for Kids. It is really popular in the parenting world and once you read all of its benefits you’ll understand why!

Note: Ideas for optional tasks for 8-10-year-olds, next.

Chore Chart for 8-9-Year-Olds

So, where can we keep track of 8 through 10-year-old daily and weekly chores?

In a chore chart of course!

If you have one child, you can print out a weekly calendar page and write a list of daily and weekly chores there. Then, discuss the chores in the list with your child taking into account some of the tips and considerations listed below.

If you have more than one child or you would like a chore chart you can use over and over, consider one of these two great chore charts and activity calendars.

This Dry Erase whiteboard Chore Chart is perfectly simple. It is magnetic and comes with 5 magnetic markers and 1 magnetic eraser. Use the different colored markers to differentiate from daily, weekly, and paid chores. 

I also love this Kids Magnetic Responsibility Chart. It comes in a 2-pack or 3-pack  which makes it a great chore chart option for multiple kids.

But, if instead of a simple chart you are looking for a Chores and Rewards System that works, then consider the Chores Toolkit Bundle!

Chore Chart Pintables for Kids


With the Chores Bundle Toolkit you will receive a 10-Page PDF containing:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions 
  • Chores and Allowance Master List 
  • Chore Chart (Daily/Weekly Tracker)
  • Reward Systems Guide 
  • 50 Reward Ideas 
  • My Reward Ideas Brainstorm Page
  • Chore Bucks Cutouts ($1, $3, $5,$10)
  • No-Chores Coupon Cutouts (1-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day)

You can learn more here!

Tip and considerations when assigning chores for 8-10-year-olds

Before you assign your child with daily and weekly chores, here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Make a chore chart
  • Remain consistent! Inconsistency creates confusion and destroys momentum
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Assign chores that align with their physical and mental ability and development
  • Show them how you would like every chore to be done before they do it themselves
  • Take into consideration other responsibilities your child has on a weekly basis, such as homework, sports, etc.
  • Set clear rules and expectation for the completion of the chores
  • Teach then how doing chores can be fun (by making a chore challenge, or listening to music)
  • Don’t micromanage
  • Always offer positive feedback  and positive reinforcement upon chore completion

Age-Appropriate List of Chores for 8-10-Year-Olds

Age appropriate chores for 8-10 year olds

This list contains age-appropriate chores for 8-10-year-olds. However, because every child is different despite their age group make sure you assign chores from this list that fit your child’s physical and developmental ability.

Oh, and before we start, here is a FREE printable copy of Chores and Allowance List for Kids of All Ages so that you can print it, and pick out the chores and allowances that work best for your kids.

All Things Laundry

By the age of 8, 9, and 10 most children are able to fold clothes and load them in the washing machine.

You can teach your child any of the following laundry chores and make them part of their chore chart:

  • Sort clothes by color
  • Put clothes to wash
  • Put clothes to dry
  • Fold clothes
  • Put clothes away (drawers and hangers)

Wash and Dry Dishes

Eight, nine, and ten-year-olds are at a great age to help out with washing and drying dishes.

Because most dishes and other kitchen essentials are made out of class, ensure your child is ready for this task.

That is why it is so important to walk them through each chore they are expected to complete and teach them how to do them correctly.

Fill and Empty Dishwasher

Much like washing dishes, filling and emptying the dishwasher is an easy and helpful task to assign you eight-year-old.

Other Kitchen Chores

  • Bring in and put away groceries
  • Make their own lunch
  • Help set the table for dinner
  • Clear out and wipe down dining table after dinner
  • Throw out the garbage and put a new bag (ideally for 9-10-year-olds)

All things cleaning

By the age of eight through ten, most children have gotten the hang of using cleaning items such as brooms and vacuums.

Here is a list is of cleaning chores for 8-10-year-olds:

  • Sweep
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe Counter

Note: Make sure they are using natural and safe cleaning products.

Bedroom Chores

Being responsible for their personal space is a vital aspect of teaching them how to respect themselves and their belongings.

Some of the daily and weekly bedroom chores for 8 to 10-year-olds include:

  • Making their bed
  • Tidying room
  • Pick up toys
  • Put away shoes
  • Sweep/vacuum bedroom floors
  • Change bedsheets and pillowcases (weekly)

Bathroom Chores

Eight through 10-year-olds are capable of helping out with bathroom cleaning duties, especially if they have their own bathroom.

  • Shine mirror
  • Wipe their bathroom sink
  • Take dirty clothes to laundry or hamper
  • Clean their bathroom toilet (optional)

Again, ensure you are providing them with non-toxic and natural cleaning products.

Pet Care Chores

If you have pets in your family, involving your child in pet care as part of their chores is a great way to teach them responsibility and compassion.

Pet care related chores could include:

  • Walking the dog
  • Filling pet food bowls
  • Refilling water bowls
  • Brushing hair (dogs)
  • Feeding the fish/fishes

Outdoor Chores

  • Water plants
  • Bring mail inside
  • Sweep porch/deck/back patio
  • Pull weeds (allowance)
  • Rake leaves (weekly)

Weekly Chore Ideas for 8-10-Year-Olds

Not all chores need to be done daily. Some can get done once a week.

Here are a few weekly chore ideas you can add to your 8-10-year-old chore chart:

  • Change bedsheets and pillowcases
  • Change bathroom towels for a clean one
  • Throughout bathroom garbage and put a new bag
  • Rake leaves
  • Vacuum
  • Dust

Don’t forget to grab your Free Printable!

Allowances for Optional Chores

chores with allowances for 8-10 year olds

The following chores are considered a bit more time-consuming and physically and mentally demanding. For that reason, offering them monetary compensation is a good idea. If allowances or rewards are not part of your chore plan, then you can include these in the “Weekly Chores”.

  • Entertain and tutor younger siblings
  • Pull weeds
  • Rake leaves
  • Help wash car
Kids Printables Super Bundle

In Summary

Eight through ten-year-olds are smart, energetic, and willing. Take advantage of this beautiful age to teach them how to be responsible and grateful by appointing age-appropriate chores.

Remember to make it fun and set realistic expectations so that it can be a positive experience for you and them.

What do you think about assigning chores to 8-10-year-olds?

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