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The Best Reading Journal for Kids (Printable Download)

Reading is a fundamental aspect of our kid’s education but it isn’t always easy to get them excited about reading. That is where this Reading Journal for Kids (Printable Toolkit) comes in.

Why Use a Reading Journal for Kids?

A Reading Journal allows kids to learn by repetition and structure!

Reading Journals also enable kids to recollect, analyze, and write down (or draw—for younger kids) information from books they read. By keeping a reading journal, they can record their reactions to what they read. It also allows them to keep track of the books they have read and those that they still have to get through.

Additionally, it allows them to exercise skills they already possess such as, the ability to observe, to listen, to recollect information, to take notes, and to ask questions.

Better yet, it will serve as a reading diary which will give them the ability to go back and look through all of the books they have read and all of the things they have written.

Do you often wonder if you are doing enough to help your kids make the best of their reading time? I know I did.

From a parent’s perspective, a kids’ Reading Journal grants you the ability to provide your kids with an organized system that they can easily follow—AND feel excited about!

How to Use a Reading Journal for Kids?

reading report for kids

Kids’ reading journals are very convenient for parents. They are typically comprised of a set of pages that make it easier for children to keep track of the books our kids are reading and want to read in the future. As well as a “Book Report Page” which includes a set of questions that challenges them to recollect information from the book they just read.

A great way to use a Reading Journal is to keep it in their reading nook. There, they will be able to immediately access it once they are done reading.

Ensure to make multiple copies of the Book Report Pages so that they are readily available as they need it.

The amount of book reports you want your child to complete depends totally on you. A good practice I find is for them to fill out a book report a week so that they also have time to read for pleasure. However, this depends greatly on your family dynamic and schedule, as some children very busy with sports and extracurricular activities during the week.

In short, figure out a Reading Report schedule and go over those expectations with your child.

So, now that we know the benefits of a Reading Journal for Kids and how to use it, let’s go over the Reading Journal Toolkit and why it is a wonderful tool for kids of all ages.

Reading Journal for Kids (Printable Toolkit)

printable reading journal for kids

This Reading Journal for Kids (Toolkit) contains many beneficial pages that will make any child’s reading experience valuable and worthwhile.

With this Printable Toolkit you will receive a 9-page PDF containing:

  • Cover Pages (x2 designs)
  • Reading Log 
  • Reading List 
  • Book Report (x2 pages)
  • Reading Bucks!
  • Book Completion Certificate 
  • Bookmarks (x3 designs)

Next, we will cover each section in detail and we will discuss why they are key to a successful reading journal.

Kids’ Reading Journal Cover

This Kid’s Reading Toolkit comes with 2 different cover designs. One is more suitable for the younger kids and one for older kids.

The Reading Journal Covers are for parents who opt to create a Reading Journal folder where all of the papers are kept in one place. All you have to do is put the pages in a 3-ring binder (1/2 inch) or a duotang folder with prongs and pockets.

Reading Log

A Reading Log allows kids to keep track of all of the books that they have read.

They will be able to track the Book Title, Author, Illustrator, Date Started, and Date Finished. 

What is valuable about a Kid’s Reading Log besides keeping track of what they read is that it serves as motivation. Once they see all of the books they have read, all together, in one long list, will grant them confidence and pride.

Reading List 

Much like a Reading Log, a Kids’ Reading List allows them to keep track of the books they have yet to read. Whether it be books that are assigned by their teacher, books assigned by you, or books they would like to read… they can write it all in one place.

As they complete the books on the list, they can highlight them off.

Book Report

Book Reports are the best way to help out kids recollect and analyze the information they just read.

printable book report for kids

For every book they read, they will fill out a Book Report. The Book Report included in this Reading Journal for Kids Toolkit allows them to recall information from each book, including:

  • Book Name
  • Author
  • Illustrator
  • Date Finished
  • Review

The Book Report also includes important questions that help them think of details from the book, such as…

  • Who are the main characters?
  • What happened in this book?
  • What did I learn from this book?
  • My favorite thing about this book was?

Reading Certificate and Reading Bucks 

Reading is fundamental for our children’s learning and development. While some parents choose to implement a reading routine as an absolute activity, some parents opt to reward their kids for completing each book they read.

The Reading Journal for Kids Toolkit comes with a printable Reading Certificate and Reading Bucks. Both of these are great tools to encourage and motivate kids to read.

Book Certificate and Reading Bucks

Reading Certificate. When kids feel accomplished they tend to feel more inspired and motivated. Recognizing their efforts by granting them a Book Completion Certificate helps fuel their excitement for reading!

Reading Bucks. Another form of reading reward is Reading Bucks. The Reading Bucks cutouts allow you to give your kiddo’s Book Bucks the value of your choice once they have successfully completed a Book Report. They can collect their Book Bucks and cash them in for real money, or you can set up a rewards chart which they can trade for a prize.

Bookmarks for Kids 

Last but not least, included in this Reading Journal for Kids Toolkit are 3 different bookmark designs. They work well for young kids and older kids.

For longer use, try printing them on cardstock and/or laminate them if you have a laminator. This laminator is really inexpensive and the one that I have and use often—it is an Amazon bestseller with over 20,000 five-start reviews.

Finding Cheap Books for your Kid’s Reading Journal!

In addition to this Reading Journal Toolkit for Kids, I wanted to share with you where you can find cheap books for kids.

Retail prices for kids’ books are often very pricey. The best place to purchase them, especially in bulk is at They are a picture of my last book haul where I save 52% of the total price, PLUS free shipping!

Where to find cheap books for kids

Some of their best features include:

  • Every single book is listed at 50-90% OFF the original listing price.
  • They offer FREE shipping in orders of $35 and over
  • They also carry puzzles, toys, and activity sets for a discounted price.

You will LOVE this site! Ever since I found it, I have not bought retailed price books since!

Monthly Book Subscription for Kids

If instead of a one-time buy, you would like to receive new monthly books of your choosing to your doorstep, then I totally recommend LillyPost.

Lillypost book subscription box for kids

This monthly book subscription for kids is geared from newborns to 7-years-olds.

All you have to do is:

  • Select your little one’s age.
  • Pick the type of books you want in your subscription box.
  • Choose the plan that’s right for you, from month-to-month to prepaid that offer better discounts.

…. and they’ll do the rest!

The books are yours to keep and every box is up to 70% off the retail value!

One of my favorite things about Lillypost is that they we give back to children in need through literacy. For every box they ship, Lillypost donates a book to a child in need. As of this writing over 190,000 books have been donated!

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In Summary 

It isn’t enough to get our kids to read. It is only by helping them interact, analyze, and write down the information they read, they help them make the best out of their reading efforts.

I hope this Reading Journal for Kids Toolkit (learn more) serves as a resource to help them expand on the book they read year after year.

Printable Reading Journal for Kids Toolkit

Do your kids use a reading journal? Would this Kid’s Reading Toolkit be beneficial to them?

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