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9 Cost-Effective Ways to Create a Reading Nook for kids!

Kids’ reading nooks are very popular these days. After all, we can add all kinds of cool gadgets to our child’s reading space to make them exciting and welcoming.

You can create a kids’ reading nook by integrating elements that will make the space cozy and inviting, such as displaying books, ensuring good lighting, providing comfortable seating, using space rugs, and adding relevant wall art.

How to Create a Reading Nook For Kids?

Kids reading nooks are a place where they can curl up and read a good book. Reading nooks could be as small as a reading bench or as big as an entire room. However, the main idea of a kids’ reading nook is that we create a welcoming and inviting place where they can be comfortable and relaxed as they read.

When creating your kid’s reading nook, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. After all, the end goal isn’t only achieving a more organized reading space that is accessible and inviting for your child.

It can feel a tad bit intimidating, even overwhelming, coming up with beautiful but cost-effective reading nooks for kids. So today, we will go over 9 ways we can design a comfortable and fun place for our kids to read that won’t blow the budget.

So, how exactly do we do that? Here is how…

Reading Nook for Kids

1. Display Books

When creating a reading nook for kids, the most important thing is to ensure that your kids’ books are well displayed. Books displays allow kids to see book titles and cover easily. In turn, making the books inviting and encouraging to read.

Great Book Display Ideas for Kids’ Reading Nook

  • Bookshelves
  • Wall shelves
  • Clear Bin
  • Baskets
  • Cubby Organizer Furniture

Below are some of my favorite book display ideas for reading nooks, all currently available through Amazon.

2. Include year-round books

Another important element in any reading space for kids is that they have access to year-round book interests. What do I mean by year-round book interest?

Here are a few things to consider to make your kids’ reading nook book selection interesting year-round…

Include holiday and special occasion books. An easy way to create year-round book interest is to include holiday books. Simply list popular holidays and important occasions for your family (e.g., birthdays, the birth of a new baby, a new pet, losing his/her first tooth, etc.), and include books on those topics. Changing up some of the book choices regularly keeps their book selection exciting and engaging.

Perform routine book inventories. Because kids reading levels and interests change as they grow, performing routine book inventories will keep their reading space fresh and updated. Donating books is great to make room for new books and bless other kids in the process. Or by relocating books to younger siblings’ reading nooks.

Acquire new books throughout the year. As you perform your inventory, your kid’s book collection might be running a bit low. A great way to keep any reading nook current is to sign up for Reading Subscription Boxes. Reading Subscription Boxes allow you to receive monthly kids’ books to your front door AND for much less than the retail price.

Reading Bug Box is a great subscription company for newborns to 13 years old.

3. Ensure good lighting

One of the main key elements in any kids’ reading nook is ensuring good lighting. There are many ways to bring lighting to a reading space. So, despite your child’s reading nook being next to a natural light source, such as a window, or inside a cozy teepee, ensuring good lighting is not difficult.

Best Reading Nook Lamps for Kids

A clip-on light is the best choice of lighting for a kid’s reading nook because it can be clipped anywhere despite the reading space design. It also eliminates the need for tall lamps that might topple over, and if rechargeable battery operated, it also eliminates the use of electric cables.

A fantastic choice is this LED Clip-On Reading Light by CUHIOY, available through Amazon. I love that it can be either used as a stand-alone lamp on a flat surface or clipped onto furniture.

LED Reading Light for Kids by CUHIOY

Its best features include:

  • 3 color settings (the amber light blocks 99.95% of blue light).
  • 3 brightness settings (30%,60%,100%)
  • Built-in memory (remembers the brightness and color setting you last used).
  • Flexible Gooseneck & Sturdy Clip (allow for preferred position).
  • Rechargeable USB cable (removing the need for cables).

This LED Reading lamp is also an Amazon Choice product and comes with a 365-day free replacement policy.

If you would like a more colorful option, this Cute Rechargeable Book Light Lamp has many of the same features but comes with more fun color options.

4. Provide comfortable sitting

Now that we have a great book selection and good lighting is time to talk about a comfortable sitting space for your kids’ reading nook.

It is important to mention that the seating arrangement depends entirely on the overall design you have in mind for your child’s reading space.

Does your reading nook for kids design include a reading bench? Then you might what to think of adding comfortable cushions. Are you using a teepee or a tent? Think about pillows, carpets, and blankets you can incorporate. Will your kid’s reading space involve a bigger area? Consider adding kid-size furniture such as bean bags, a kid’s reclinable, or a sofa.

Next are some great options.

Great Sitting Options for Kids

Bean Bags are a great option for any kids’ space, especially a reading nook. Bean Bags aren’t only comfortable and cozy and easy to move around and wash (especially if their cover is removable).

Kids-size sofas and recliners are also popular options for kids’ reading rooms. Some even turn into a floor bed which is super fun, and come with a removable cover for easy cleaning (like the example below).

5. Use Comfortable Rugs

Rugs are another important element in any reading space for children. Whether you are creating an elevated reading nook, such as a reading bookcase bench, or floor space, such as a tent, rugs provide an additional reading area and help to define the space better.

Because it is an area they will be in full contact with, opting for rugs that are made free of dyes and chemicals is the best option.

Best Kids Rugs for Reading Nooks

Lorena Canal Washable Rugs are one of my favorite selections for kids’ rugs for any space, especially reading nooks. The following rug from Lorena’s collection is machine washable and hand-made by artisans in natural cotton and with non-toxic dyes.

This Lorena Canal ABC Round Rug, for instance, is a great option.

6. Use Tents or Teepes

Some of the dreamiest reading nooks for kids involve some sort of fort. Teepees and tents are an easy and neat way to achieve a fort look. The is something so comforting and cozy about an enclosed magical space with fairy lights. I know I loved to play and read in forts when I was a child!

Reading tents for kids

So, to achieve that, simply include in your design a teepee or tent you can place on top of a space rug. Then, as previously discussed, simply add lights, comfortable cushions, a blanket, and a nearby book display.

The Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent is one of the most popular and largest options on Amazon. It is made with 100% cottonwood frames and comes with a mat and fairy lights included.

7. Use Small Spaces

If you don’t have a big space to create a reading nook for kids, don’t worry. There are a few things you can for to create a useful and cozy ready space.

One way to do that is to add an all-in-one furniture piece like this KidKraft Wooden Bookcase with Reading Nook. It is the perfect little built-in reading nook for kids to place in any house space. It measures 40 x 22.5 x 12 inches, and it’s geared for ages 3-8.

Another great alternative for smaller areas is making good use of corners using a corner bookcase like this RiverRidge Corner Cabinet. Simply add a space rug underneath, throw in a few comfy pillows, and voila!

8. Utilize existing Furniture

Another great and inexpensive way to create a reading nook for kids is to use kids’ furniture as the main structure. There are wonderful kids’ bedroom sets that come with a built-in desk/reading spaced underneath or adjacent to the furniture.

An inexpensive way to utilize existing furniture to organize kids’ books is by using an under-bed cart with wheels and sliding it under the bed full of books. Make sure to add a space rug on the side of the bed where they will pull the bin. When they want to read, they must pull the bin and sit on the space rug or bed. Once done reading, they put the book(s) back, and done—all clean!

Great Kids’ Beds with Reading Nooks

Another beautiful option is this Max & Lily Twin Low Loft Bed with Staircase. It has a perfect space underneath to create a dreamy kids’ reading nook! As per the manufacturer, this bed is durable, non-toxic, and has a low VOC finish.

This other Modern Farmhouse Loft Bed by Max & Lily Modern is another great option for a kids’ leading nook. It offers an open bookshelf space and a wooden playhouse structure with a window in the end panel, perfect for a reading nook.

9. Include wall art

Last but not least, on our list for creating a cozy reading nook for kids is to include wall art in their space. Wall art isn’t only meant to make the room nicer and be encouraging and inspiring for our littles.

If your child’s reading nook design calls for wall art, here are some great Reading Quotes Prints, specifically to encourage our little reader.

How to Build a Great Kids’ Books Inventory for Cheap?

Well, now that you have the perfect idea of creating a beautiful and inspiring reading nook for your child, it is time to bulk up on a good book inventory!

If you want to create a fantastic age-appropriate book collection for your child without the hassle of buying them at the store for full price, take a look at is hands down the best way to purchase kids’ books of all ages at (50-90% OFF List Price).

I wrote an entire article on Kid’s Books and how to get your hands on the latest kids’ book for only a fraction of the cost!

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In Summary

Creating a cozy reading nook for kids will keep their books organized and encourage them to read more often.

Not only is a designated reading space essential to help create a good reading habit, but it could also become a space where your kids find rest and quiet time.

I hope you can create a beautiful and inviting reading atmosphere for your child by implementing some of the reading nook ideas for kids listed here today.

What reading nook idea for kids from this list will you be implementing?

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