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10 Fantastic Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

Toddlers’ feet are growing rapidly and you want to give them space to grow in their shoes. Toddlers with particularly wide feet can be hard to shop for, but these shoes will give toes room to wiggle. 

Toddlers should have shoes that leave about a thumbs width of space between the toe and the front of the shoe, and the shoe should not restrict the movement of the toes. 

Many toddler shoes have started to make a wider area for toes, but they may be too snug for toddlers with wide feet. 

Although there are many great options in the market today for toddlers with wide feet, each shoe brand listed here today has specific qualities that might be the best fit for your little one’s needs.

Here are some great shoes recommended by moms all over as the best fit for toddlers with wide feet. 

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1. Stride Rite

Stride Rite is one of the first brands that you find that offers wide toddler sizes. They even have extra-wide sizes in some styles. 

This is the shoe for wide feet. Every parent will recommend these first. 

Parents of children with wide feet are very loyal to Stride Rite, they are affordable, easy to find, and come in so many styles. 

They are a great shape and they are not too hard to find in wide sizes. You may have to hunt around a bit to find the extra-wide sizes, but they are out there. 

Stride Rite has a variety of boys’ and girls’ styles for summer and winter. 

The shape and size of Stride Rite shoes are also a great shape for early walkers, the rounded toe leads to fewer stumbles. 

Stride Rite shoes have the widest shoe that is available for this age group, so this is a good shoe to try for your early walker. 

Stride Rite is available on Amazon and in many major department stores like Dillards, Macy’s, and Nordstroms. 

2. New Balance

New Balance is another brand that offers a wide toddler size. 

Their easy hook, loop closures, and multiple color options make some super cute toddler outfits. 

Their wide toe box retains a sleek sneaker-like profile but gives the foot plenty of room to move and flex. 

The soles of these shoes are light and flexible so they won’t slow down your toddler. 

New Balance is available on Amazon and in Kohls. 

3. Crocs

Crocs are great kid shoes because they are so easy to wash. The sizing can be difficult, but they are roomy. 

The soft flexible shoes are great for new walkers who need the rounded toe and space to move their toes around. 

Crocs work well for kids with wide feet or those adorable chubby baby feet. 

They can be worn with the strap behind the foot for a snug fit. 

Crocs are available in so many colors and they can be customized with charms. We like to use initials for our kid’s crocs. 

I have found that Crocs last longer than any other shoe for my kids. I like to buy colors that are easy to pass between siblings. 

4. Skechers

Skechers are a great shoe for toddlers with their velcro closures and lightweight sole. The wide styles are pretty basic but they fit well and keep those feet protected. 

Not all styles of Skechers come in wide sizes, but there are several options available with great color combinations for boys and girls. 

If you want to find matching shoes for siblings across toddler and little kid sizes, Sketchers are also a great choice

This is one of the more affordable options for wide toddler shoes

5. Robeez

Robeez makes shoes for the smallest babies, sizes up to 24 months are available in their adorable sizes. 

Robeez is well known for their crib slippers, but their First Kicks line is for those early walkers. 

The First Kicks come in over 14 amazing styles for every outfit. 

Robeez shoes are good for those first months of walking because they have soft leather soles that give toddlers some protection while allowing the feet to move freely. 

The soles of Robeez are leather, allowing the foot to move in every direction, bend, and flex. 

6. Colombia Sandals

Columbia Sandals are a great option for little feet, especially if you have an early walker in the summer.

The leather upper straps mean these shoes will last a long time, and the non-marking rubber soles are quick-drying for those rainy play dates. 

These Colombia sandals are available in 8 colors.  

We used this type of sandal for our toddlers up to about 4 years old because they are so easy to put on and they can fit for a long time. 

Sandals are easy to put on if your child likes to kick off their shoes in the car like mine! 

7. Nike Sunray Adjust

These Nike shoes are perfect for toddlers’ feet. They have one velcro strap and a convenient pull tab that helps children take these shoes off themselves. 

The pink is just so sweet for summer outfits or great alternatives to flip flops for pool shoes and they are quick drying. 

Parents are loyal to these shoes and often buy them in multiple sizes to be sure they will have them every year. 

These shoes are perfect for playgrounds, amusement parks, and schools. 

Sunray shoes are very popular with parents and they are known to last for multiple seasons. They fit true to size and can be adjusted for wide or chunky feet. 

8. Ikiki

Ikiki shoes are adorable. They have a high top to cover ankles and they are praised by parents of kids who are wearing ankle or foot orthotic supports. 

The wide fit and the construction of the shoe allow plenty of bend and flex. The rigidity of the shoe varied from style to style, but they are good first shoes. 

They also have a squeaker in them that makes a squeak when toddlers walk heel to toe. This is to encourage proper form walking. 

The squeaker can be turned off when in public, or if you are looking for some peace and quiet. 

Older toddlers will love being in charge of turning the squeaker on and off. Older kids might also be encouraged to put on their own shoes with these cute characters. 

There are over 20 options for styles and characters. 

The customer service stands out in the toddler shoe area. One parent reported that the customer service provided width measurements for her before ordering. 

A call might be necessary as they do not offer any half sizes, so be sure to take measurements of your child’s feet and compare them to the sizing chart on the website. 

The styles will make you want to start a collection, so be careful. 

9. See Kai Run

I love a mom-owned company because they get it! These Kai Run shoes were designed by a mom who noticed how difficult it was to find shoes that fit toddlers’ feet. 

The shoes are designed to be flexible and easy to put on, they also stay on! These shoes do not come in wide sizes, but they are a good choice for medium-wide feet. 

The shoes have velcro closures and can be adjusted in several places and they are even washable. 

It is the little things that let you know a mom developed these shoes. 

10. Gubarun

Talk about breathable! These Gubarun stretchy shoes with velcro closure are sure to fit your little one’s feet like a glove. 

These ultra-practical shoes come in more than 10 colors and they could be passed down between brothers and sisters. 

While there are no wide sizes, these shoes do have toddler half sizes that make it easier to find the perfect fit. The stretchy upper makes it soft and comfortable for those beautiful chubby baby feet. 

These shoes are great for your little adventurer as they are quick to dry and they have a non-slip sole. 

The front of the shoe is slightly curved upward making walking easier for new toddlers. 

These shoes have a reputation for being durable and holding up longer than similarly priced shoes. 

Tips for Finding Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

Finding shoes for early walkers and wide feet can be difficult. If you are buying your child’s first pair of shoes you may need to get some measurements. 

Get a footprint from your child by wetting their feet and pressing it onto a piece of cardboard. Take measurements of the widest part and the length. These numbers will help you select the correct size shoe for your toddler. 

Even if you have the correct size, be sure to choose flexible materials like leather, cloth, and elastic, and avoid rigid shoes that do not allow the foot to flex. 

Amazon has some great options for wide feet, and some companies, like Robeez, give a comprehensive sizing chart on their Amazon listing and are made of flexible materials. 

Sometimes you cannot find the wide sizes, if that is the case try self-fasteners or size up. 

Many parents find that they can fit their children into a larger-size shoes. 

Toddlers and early walkers should use shoes that are not too long as it can make it difficult for them to walk. 

When you try on the shoes, ensure the heel does not slip down when they step. This can create blisters. 

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In Conclusion

I know there are many products to choose from in today’s market. It is my hope this list helps you narrow down your search for the perfect pair of toddler shoes!

Which toddler shoes from this list do you think would be the best fit for your little one’s wide feet?

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