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10 Clever Ways of Storing Kids Books (Book Organizing Ideas)

Books are an essential part of our children’s development. However, before we know it our kids’ books have all of a sudden taken more floor real estate than we are willing to give them.

The are many great ways of storing kids’ books that will not only help us keep our kids’ areas organized, but will also inspire them to read more often.

Today, we will be going over different book storages ideas for kids and well as things to consider before you start organizing your kid’s books.

Things to consider when selecting a book storage for kids

When planning your kid’s book storage space, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. After all, the end goal isn’t only achieving a more organize reading space, but one that is also accessible and inviting for your child.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when storing kids books:

  • Your child age
  • Your child’s hight
  • Book interests
  • Year round book subjects

What is the best way to organize Kids’ books?

So, is there a best way to organize kids’ books? Well, there isn’t a right or w wrong way per see. However, there are definitely a few guidelines that will make any child’s reading nook more versatile.

Some of the best kids storage for kids systems as you will see next can include:

  • A shelving system
  • Clear bins
  • Bookshelves
  • Cubbies
  • Labels
  • Wheels

Tips for Organizing Kids’ Books

When organizing kids’ books you might want to keep in mind your child’s book collection and perform book rotations throughout the year. Book rotation allows you to plug in seasonal and holiday books your kids might enjoy reading.

When organizing your kids’ books, consider keeping relevant books at their disposal and donating or storing away books they are no longer reading. Remember, reading levels and books interest change rapidly as they grow.

That way, your child’s book display is remains organized and inviting year-round.

Next, are 10 great book storage ideas that will say “goodbye” to the mess and “hello” to more reading. As you scroll through the next list, pick and choose what you think will work best for your child and his/her own space.

10 Great Book Storage Ideas for Kids

books storage ideas for kids

1. Kids Bookshelves

When it comes to storing kids’ books, bookshelves are a very convenient option and a staple in any kids’ reading nook. You can find many great options online these days that will get the job done.

Two fantastic options for kid bookshelves that aren’t only beautiful but that have great reviews on Amazon are the Natural Birch Hardwood Kids’ Bookshelf from ECR4Kids and the Kids Book Rack from SERIONE.

The top choice of many parents (and teachers) is this Natural Birch Hardwood Kids’ Bookshelf from ECR4Kids. This furniture piece is GREENGUARD GOLD certified and made with non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free materials. This bookshelf has 5 wide slots which are perfect to display a wide collection of books. Measurements are 36” L x 15” W x 30” H.

The Kids Book Rack from SERIONE is another great choice. This kids’ bookshelf stands solid but comes with a wall anchor bracket to prevent tipping. I also love that it comes with two built-in cubbies and it measures 27.6” L x 11” W x 34” H.

2. Wooden Wall Shelves

Wooden wall shelves are another great option for storing kids’ books. They are fantastic space savers as they allow you to use wall space instead of floor space.

Here are two great options for wooden wall shelves…

The Wall Mounted Floating Shelves come as a set of 4 floating shelves and measure 17 inches long.

Another beautiful option is this Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Shelves. These kids’ bookshelves take more of a farmhouse look which many people love (myself included) because it gives the space a warmer and cozier feel.

Note: When installing wall shelves to store kids’ books ensure that shelves are well secured to the wall by using all of the provided hardware. Additionally, take into consideration your child’s height so that they are able to access the books easily.

3. Transparent Wall Shelves

Another fun option to store kids’ books is by using transparent bookshelves.

What I love about this design is that they go with any room decor. Additionally, the clear design makes it easier for kids to see through the entire book cover as the shelve border doesn’t obstruct the view.

This 3-Pack Clear Acrylic Bookshelf makes a great book display and it measures 15 inches long. They are installed as a wall mount shelf and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

4. Mobile Book Storage

Another fantastic book storage idea for kids is to use things on wheels! Yes, on wheels.

A wheel storage space, whether a bookcase on wheels or a wagon, will allow your child to have a mobile library. This, in turn, will allow you to move his/her books from room to room by just rolling them on.

Here are some great rolling book storing ideas for kids…

Once again one of the top options is this Birch Double-Sided Book Display Stand by ECR4Kids. For kids that have a large book collection this is a great option as it stores books on both sides of the bookshelf. However, if you don’t need that much storage space, you can opt for the one-sided option instead.

Another great option for storing and rolling around kids’ books is this  3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer. This makes a super cute addition to any kid’s room as they can pull it to their bed, desk, or reading station as they need to.

Another super cute idea is to use a wagon for book storage. If your child already has one sitting around and you haven’t found much use for it, then repurposing it as book storage is a fun idea. Here is one you can purchase.

5. Clear Bins

Clear bins are another clever book storage idea for kids, especially for large book collections. Clear bins allow you to store books into categories and place labels on the box. Kids can also look through the clear bins helping them identify the book they wish to read.

Additionally, clean bins with lids store very well in nearly any location (closets, under beds, storage compartments, room corners, garages, etc.). They stack well and they are easy to handle.

Here are great clear plastic storage bin options for kids book storage:

These 6-Count Clear Plastic Storage Bins are a great option for storing kids’ books. They come with durable lids and secure latching handles. They are 32 Qt bins with measurements of 18L x 14W x 10H in, but they do have more sizes to choose from.

Another storage bin option for kids’ books is this Stackable Plastic Storage Organizer Bin Basket with Handle. If you rather not have lids on your storage bins for easier access to the books, this is a great idea. By organizing the books horizontally, your child will be able to see the spines of all books.

6. Book Cubbies with Labels

Another alternative to the clear bins is to store books in cubbies with labels. If your kids’ books are in an area when you would like to keep them concealed, then cubbies are a great idea. Simply label the cubbies into book categories and done. You can also label your cubbies by using stencil letters and fabric paint.

7. Storage Organizer

Another option is to place the books directly in a cubby storage organizer. This was one of the ways I stored my kid’s books for a few years until we purchased an actual bookcase. It is not only effective but inexpensive. You can also use this furniture piece alongside cubbies to store toys alongside the books.

8. Store Books in Baskets

Baskets are another great way to store kids’ books as they make great accent decor pieces in any room of the house. Here is a set of 3 Baskets that can accommodate books of any size.

9. Door Hanger Organizer

If you are lacking space to store your kids’ book consider using a door hanger organizer. This clever item uses door space that we would otherwise not use. You can place it behind any door accessible to your kids such as their room door or closet door. I think this idea works best for older kids who can reach higher.

10. Book Chest

Last but not least in our books storage ideas for kids is using a storage chest or ottoman. Storage chests are so versatile. They keep all of the mess out of sight and it could also serve as seating.

This Large Tufted Ottoman with Storage from BELLEZE is a fantastic option. My favorite feature for this book storage idea is that it features safety hinges to ensure the lid remains open until you put away all items, preventing slamming. That is extremely important if kids will be opening it often. This piece is very spacious, so with the help of bins or baskets, you can create multiple sections for storing not only books but toys, blankets, etc.

Monthly Book Subscription Box for Kids (Lillypost)

If you have been thinking about growing your kids’ books collection without the hassle of buying them at the store, for full price, take a look at Lillypost.

Lillypost is my favorite monthly books subscription box for kids for many reasons.

With Lillypost, you will receive new monthly books of your choosing to your doorstep every month. But, the books are yours to keep and every box is up to 70% off the retail value!

Additionally, I love that Lillypost gives back to children in need through literacy. For every box they ship, Lillypost donates a book to a child in need. As of this writing over 190,000 books have been donated!

Note: This monthly book subscription for kids is geared from newborns to 7-years-olds.

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In Summary

I know firsthand that storing kids’ books can be a challenge. Especially when you have multiple kids, of different ages at multiple reading levels, and different book preferences and interests.

By using one or more of the aforementioned book storage ideas for kids you will be able to not only organize your kid’s space but also promote reading. When kids are able to visualize their books and know where to easily find them, they are more likely to want to read them.

So, now that you have a few ideas in mind as to how to organize your child’s books, it’s time to get to work! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

What kids’ book storage idea from this list will you be implementing?

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  1. We’re in desperate need of tackling book organization (mamma of 9 and 7 year old). Just this year, we started keeping our Christmas books with our Christmas decor, packed away for ten months of the year, and then brought them out at the holiday and displayed them on the coffee table.
    Also, my parents saved most of my childhood books (especially hardback books). I can’t tell you how special having those books to read to my children was and still is. Now, I’m very cautious about getting rid of books that are “outgrown.”

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