25 Best Postpartum Gifts for First-Time Moms

Postpartum gifts can help first-time moms transition into their new roles. 

The goal is to choose a gift that meets a need, provides support, or celebrates the event. Ideally, the gift you choose should be the perfect gift for her

You can pick a sweet subscription to nurture her all year, a new piece of jewelry to mark the milestone, or you can consider a practical and luxurious gift that makes her feel special and celebrated.

Either way, here is a list of postpartum gift ideas for first-time moms that they are sure to appreciate and enjoy!

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Food Gifts for Postpartum Moms

1. Coffee Maker

After limiting caffeine intake during pregnancy, it is amazing to have coffee again! 

Consider a high-quality coffee machine like this multi-functional coffee maker that my sister has and loves. Giving the option of easy drip brew coffee in multiple sizes makes it easier for mom to drink her coffee hot.  

2. Meal Subscription 

Those first three months after a baby is born are the hardest. New moms are trying to learn how to do everything with one hand while balancing a baby.

Giving parents a night off of cooking with a meal delivery service or some meal inspiration with a meal kit delivery will be very appreciated. 

A great option is a meal subscription like Eat Clean Meal Delivery Service. There is no cooking or preparation involved. Simply choose the meals and the schedule. Their chefs and staff will cook and deliver the meals; all the new mom has to do is heat the food and eat.

With Eat Clean, you can skip a week as needed or cancel anytime.

Making meals easier by offering new parents a subscription service for a month or more will be God-sent.

3. Snack Subscription

New moms need snacks! So many snacks. 

Nursing demands more calories than pregnancy, and the changing routines often make it hard for a new mom to feed herself. 

Healthy snack crates or healthy snack subscriptions are a great way to lend a helping hand. 

Amazon has some great and healthy options to put on Subscribe and Save.

Consider setting this up for the first 3 months, known as the fourth trimester. 

4. Home Cooked Meal

When mom is ready for visitors, bringing your signature dinner can be warm and loving. 

When I had my first child, family, and friends graciously brought us home-cooked meals. They brought it all to the kitchen, plated it on our plates, and served my husband and me at the table. It was so thoughtful, and I will never forget their care to bring us such a luxurious meal. 

Delivering a hot meal from a local restaurant is another great way to show your care. 

5. Pantry Stock-Up  

Going to the grocery store in the first few weeks with a new baby feels totally impossible. Bringing over the essentials can be a great gift and a big help. My mom did this for us as well after the birth of both of our children, and it was an immense weight lifted off our shoulders.

Consider essentials like:

  • Bread
  • Milk or Almond Milk
  • Pasta 
  • Eggs
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Breakfast cereal or oats
  • Granola Bars

Choose the brands and varieties you know mom loves, or consider offering to pick up a grocery pickup and deliver it to them. 

6. Lactation Cookies

If Mama is breastfeeding, these cookies are designed to help her make more milk. 

These delicious cookies can contain all kinds of milk-supporting herbs and ingredients. You can buy a favorite on Amazon or follow a recipe online. 

Regular oatmeal cookies are another great snack for a nursing mom. Freeze them in balls so your new mom friend can bake two or three when they want them. 

Make sure you know Mom well before giving breastfeeding-related gifts. It is a very personal choice. 

7. Good Quality Chocolate 

A good chocolate bar is a wonderful thing. Ideally, it is an organic dark chocolate bar since it is packed with antioxidants.

One of my favorite brands, and the one we buy here at our house, is the Hu Chocolate bars. They are organic, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, non-GMO, and Fair Trade Dark Chocolate.

This bundle brings various flavors, so feel free to keep some for yourself!

8. Date Night Gift Cards

Eventually, Mom will be ready to venture out with or without the baby. Giving a gift card for local food or entertainment can make that happen. 

Movie theater gift cards, restaurants, or Target gift cards can fuel a memorable and likely much-needed night out. 

Sentimental Gifts for First-time Moms

9. Handwritten Letter

Consider writing a letter to a new mom to remind them how valuable they are to you. The written word is so powerful. This allows her to go back again and again to the words of encouragement. 

Consider getting a few friends or family members to write letters directly to Mom and have them include the following:

  • Everything they love about her
  • Advice for the first new few months as a new mom
  • Encouragement
  • Past experiences that might help her with her new transition

Then, give her the whole stack as a gift.

Maybe you could secretly do this at a baby shower and send the letters to Mom one at a time over the first year. That would be a seriously incredible gift. 

10. Willow Tree Sculptures

These beautiful sculptures make another sentimental gift for new moms, especially because they will be a lifetime keepsake.

They have many variations of sculptures for moms, but my favorite to gift a new mom is the Guardian Willow Tree Sculpture with “Love and protect thee, forever” written on Enclosure Card.

It is the perfect gift to celebrate new beginnings, new babies, new families… and the loving relationships that develop between parent and child.

11. Journal Service

Electronic journal services will prompt Mom to record a memory in a few sentences every day or every week. This modern alternative to a baby book is a great, low-stress way to help a new mom hold on to some of those memories when her brain is feeling stretched. 

Storyworth or Longwalks currently provide these services with the option to print out the responses for a family keepsake. 

Personalized Gifts for New Moms

12. Personalized Necklace

A name, initial or birthstone necklace is a great gift to celebrate mom and baby. There are some beautiful options on Amazon, or find a maker on Etsy to make you something extra special. 

The necklace will always remind her of the transition to a new season of life as she steps into the role of mother. 

13. Embroidered Baby Blanket 

Personalized baby blankets are meaningful and make a great postpartum gift. You can add the name, birth date, and weight to make it a perfect gift. 

A handmade blanket is a keepsake, but buying a personalized blanket is just as good if you don’t know how to knit, crochet, or sew. 

Again, they are available to order on both Amazon and Etsy.

14. Birthstone Ring

A stacking ring set with mom and baby’s birthstones is a sweet meaningful gift. This set can be customized right on Amazon and is perfect.

You can also include their partner’s birthstone to make a family stack.  

15. Birthstone Charm Necklace

Necklaces with mom and baby’s birthstone or initial make understated beautiful jewelry gifts.

Customizable combinations allow you to add stones or charms at any time.  

Amazon has some beautiful options.

16. Printed Onesie Combo

Hilarious or precious, there are some amazing onesie sets for mom and baby. 

They make great outing outfits or photoshoot wardrobes.

Etsy has some beautiful options.

17. Coffee Tumbler 

A stay-warm coffee tumbler is a great gift for moms who usually drink room-temperature coffee because they tend to everyone else’s needs while their coffee cools. Ask me how I know that!

A personalized coffee tumbler like a Yeti would be a very practical gift. 

Here are some Etsy options and some Amazon options.

Printing an inspiring message on the side can encourage the new Mom daily. 

18. Personalized Basket

If you know the new Mom well, making her a personalized basket with all her favorite goodies can be a fantastic gift.

Some ideas to include in the new-mom basket are:

  • Healthy snacks
  • A coffee cup
  • A baby onesie
  • Chapstick
  • A gift card

If creating a postpartum gift basket sounds a bit overwhelming, no worries.

You can order one made from Amazon or the “A Little Something for Mom-to-Be” gift basket from one of my favorite companies Earth Mama. Earth Mama uses all organic and non-toxic ingredients, perfect for new moms and babies.

A Little Something For Mama-To-Be

Practical & Useful Postpartum Gifts for New Moms

19. Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a professional support person who is educated on the needs of postpartum women. 

Doulas will each have their own list of services that they provide, but many help with feeding, sleep routines, and baby development questions. 

A postpartum doula is an incredible support for a new mom. 

20. Massage

A professional massage is always a good gift. If possible, consider a full-hour massage, but even a chair massage can be so relaxing. 

If you are unsure if mom is comfortable with a massage, consider a spa gift card that can be used for various services. 

21. Spa Service

A spa service like a facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, or wax can really help a new mom feel like herself again. 

Many women can struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin with their postpartum bodies. A nice pampering can be a step in the right direction. 

22. Professional Home Cleaning

Hiring a cleaning company to hit the bathrooms and kitchen can be a huge help in the early days of motherhood. 

Be sure mom feels comfortable with this service and ask when she would like this done. 

You could also consider getting her car detailed! You know her best.  

23. Streaming Subscription

A streaming subscription like Hulu, Disney +, or Netflix is a great gift for a new mom who will spend more time caring for a baby at home. 

Another great subscription service for new moms is Amazon Audible! This practical membership will provide her with an all-you-can-listen catalog, including thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals.

Amazon Audible Gift for New Moms

Audible books and podcasts can be great entertainment for new moms as they can listen to their favorite material on the go or at home, any time, anywhere, while caring for their new baby.

24. Photos

Gifting a professional photo session is a gift that will last a lifetime. Be sure the photographer can be flexible with the dates and let Mom know a session is available to her and her new family. 

Newborn photos must be taken within a week or two of the birth. They are incredible and worth it if mom feels up to it. 

I wasn’t much in the mood for pregnancy pictures with my second child, but thanks to my best friend who paid for a photo session and motivated me to take some pregnancy pictures, now I have beautiful memories to look back to thanks to her generous gift!

25. Postpartum Carekit

Some moms tend to prepare for their postpartum phase by gathering a collection of helpful postpartum supplies to help their recovering bodies feel better and heal faster.

However, not all moms have a postpartum care kit put together. This is especially true for younger moms, first-time moms, and/or moms who entered labor much earlier than expected.

things to do before birth, postpartum care kit

If you know that to be the case for your first-time Mom, and you feel comfortable putting such a basket, a non-toxic postpartum care kit can be a great blessing to her body and well-being.

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In Summary

It can be very easy for new moms to spend all their time and energy caring for their babies and neglect taking care of themselves. 

These gifts focus on Mom and encourage her to take a few minutes for herself. 

Any postpartum gift you give to a new mom will remind her that she is not alone. With a new baby at home, it can be lonely, so your thoughtfulness alone is a gift in itself. 

best postpartum gifts for new moms

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