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The Ultimate DIY Postpartum Care Kit (All-Natural and Non-Toxic)

After giving birth to my first child I learned the hard way how imperative it is to have a postpartum care kit.

When my second child came around, I knew exactly what I needed to have readily available for a faster postpartum recovery. That was when I decided to put together my very own DIY postpartum care kit.

As a surgical nurse, I have used many postpartum recovery products throughout my career.

However, as a mom I have now learned to filter those products to ensure their absolute safety for our bodies and for our babies.

Next, I will share with you the most effective, natural, and non-toxic postpartum essentials to my knowledge and personal experience.

Additionally, I will be sharing tips with you along the way to ensure you make the best out of your DIY postpartum care kit.

If you are reading this, chances are you might not know exactly what to expect after giving birth. Or what postpartum body changes your body will go through.

But with the help of this list along with some other resources I will be sharing with you at the end of this list, you will be equip to tackle postpartum head on and hopefully heal faster.

But for the purpose of THIS article, we will be focusing mainly on the postpartum recovery products you will need after your vaginal birth. If you are recovering from c-section, most of these items will also apply to you.

Keep in mind that not only will you be using these postpartum care essentials at home, but ensure to pack some of these essential items in your hospital bag as well.

Because of the nature of some medicated products in this article, this list won’t be 100% “natural”.

However, this postpartum checklist contain the best options to my knowledge in terms of ingredient safety, optimal ingredient standards, popular mom reviews, and effectiveness.

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Let’s get started…

The Ultimate Natural Postpartum Care Kit Essentials

all-natural postpartum care kit, non-toxic

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Having these postpartum products on hand as before the baby comes is a lifesaver. In addition to this postpartum kit, make sure you also read The Complete Postpartum Care Plan for Vaginal Delivery so that you can receive additional postpartum recovery tips and instructions.

Believe me, when the baby arrives there will be no time in the day to shower, let alone stepping out of the house for hemorrhoid ointment and breast pads.

Yes, hemorrhoids! More on that later.


If you are planning a home birth, then all of the following recommendations apply to you.

But, if you are having a hospital birth, especially a vaginal hospital birth, chances are you can get to take home some postpartum self-care goodies.

If you are anything like me, and don’t want to take any chances, I will still list some of these items below in case you might want to purchase them ahead of time.

Always keep in mind that although provided by the hospital, some of these products might not have the best ingredients.

Possible postpartum supplies you might be able to take home from the hospital might include:

  • peri bottles
  • bed pads
  • maxi Pads
  • medicated numbing cream
  • peri cleanser
  • stool softener


When it comes to temporary postpartum body changes your lady friend will need all the help it can get.

During the birthing process it is possible that there will be some tearing (internal, external), stretching, episiotomy, and so on.

Although every mother experiences a different degree of pain and discomfort, discomfort is still almost inevitable.


Use a peri bottle during and after urinating to keep the urine from irritating torn skin.

If you developed hemorrhoids from pushing, the peri bottle will also help you cleanse the area without using harsh materials rubbing on your healing and sensitive skin.


This is also a great way to keep your lady parts clean, cool, and happy.

Earth Mama Herbal Spray and Earth Mama organic postpartum balm are two of my favorite natural products.


Earth Mama Organics is one of my very favorite companies. Not only for organic postpartum essentials but also for mother and baby. They carry an entire line of organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free products that are healthy and beneficial for you and your baby.

I urge you to check out their: 

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Wiping with dry toilet paper will feel irritating and even painful. In addition, depending on condition of your lower area small bits of toilet paper might stay stuck in unwanted parts.

If you need to wipe after using the toilet, Water Wipes are ideal. Water Wipes are the best and safest option since they are made of 99% purified water.

In fact, Water Wipes is what I use for my children and is a must-have toiletry in our house. Regular wipes contain all sorts of chemicals that should be avoided.

I order them in bulk from Amazon as a recurrent automatic order and I receive them at my door every two months without having to lift a finger (1 box=12 packs/60 count).


I can’t recommend this product enough! Witch Hazel pads are a MUST for your postpartum care package.

They were my saving grace and the only thing that gave me relief after I had my son. They helped to soothe and heal my peritoneal/hemorrhoids area faster.

Overall, witch hazel serves as antiseptic and helps fight bacteria to prevent infection. They can also stop minor bleeding and help relieve hemorrhoids.

Put a new witch hazel pad (or two) in your perineal area with every maxi pad change.

Cool Comfort Pads from Naticare have organic witch hazel and aloe. These pads are also non-GMO, Paraben free and chemical-free.


Sitz Baths are another great postpartum care product essential.

It not only helps cleanse the perineum but it relieves itching, irritation, and minor pain.

In addition, the warm water used along the Sitz Baths help increase blood flow to the perineal area which can promote faster healing.

Sitz Baths Soak (organic) from Purasoothe is a great choice. Is made of organic lavender, coconut and sweet almond oils, organic vitamin E, witch hazel, and organic frankincense which promote healing and relief  discomfort naturally.


Following birth your uterus will continue to expel bodily fluids.

The postpartum bleeding that happens after birth is called lochia and it can last approximately 4-6 weeks.

Having maxi pads in your postpartum care kit that can handle the that mount of flow is essential.

My top choice for maxi pads are Menstrual Overnight Pads (Certified Organic Cotton) by Rael. They are made with 100% organic, OCS certified, non-GMO Texas cotton grown and nurtured without the use of toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals.

That is exactly what you want for your healing body and especially while nursing your baby.


Side Note: The hospital will provide you with a few giant maxi pads from the dinosaur era, but I think is a better idea to pack some of your own pads in your hospital bag.


Perineal cold pack, better known as padcicles in the mommy world, are a gift from heaven.

Truly, they are miraculous and a must in every survival postpartum care kit. At least they were for me.

You can make them yourself by buying all the ingredients separately, or you can opt to buy them ready to go.

The best part, they already come with a built-in cold therapy. Which means you won’t need a trip to the fridge every time you need a pad change.

Just grab one from your bathroom cabinet/basket, crack the pack to activate the cold, and give your lady friend some much deserved cooling relief. Genius!


Last but not least in the perineal care essentials is this donut cushion. I can’t tell you enough how something with a whole and a few witch hazel pads allowed me to sit down for a few minutes at a time.

This postpartum supply reduces pressure on pelvic, coccyx, lower back, and perineum, relieving pain from hemorrhoids and child birth (among other uses).



In order to breastfeed your newborn a million times a day you will need easy access garments. Okay, maybe not a million times, but you’ll know what I mean.

Here are two great options for sleep and daily use.



Well my friend, sorry to inform you, but you are about to enter into the grannie panties buying, mini van driving, and mom jean wearing revolution.

Alright, alright, just kidding… and no offence to my mommy van drivers (I will probably be investing in one soon… haha).

Inexpensive, comfortable, and stretchy underwear are the way to go in the first few weeks postpartum.

Not only do they need to accommodate the extra-large maxi pads, but they need to fit comfortably and thrown away if they have to be.

This cotton, high-waisted underwear multi-pack has the best postpartum reviews. 

They are leakage proof and high-wasted which helps support your lower abdomen. High-wasted underwear are also ideal for c-sections moms because they prevent the underwear seam to rub against the incision. Ouch!


I think I loved in my pajamas for the first few weeks after birth. I was so sore that my pj’s were the most comfortable piece of garment to wear and nurse in.

Side note: these are one of the items you are going to want to pack in your hospital bag. If you want a full list of what to pack in your hospital bag for baby, mom, and dad, read this.

This Pajama set from PajamaGram has great Amazon reviews.

Or, if you don’y want to feel like a bum all day by wearing your regular pjs, then opt for these super comfy, stylish and inexpensive pj bottoms instead. You’re welcome.

* Here a full list if what to wear after giving birth at the hospital from head to toe.



Medically known as abdominal bands, they help keep things in place as your belly shrinks back to size. They also aid with postpartum discomfort, swelling, and circulation by means of compression.

Belly Bandit is the belly band that most moms swear by. However, it can come with a hefty price tag.

A more affordable option with great reviews is the Postpartum Girdle by Trendyline.



Leaky breasts are almost inevitable, as your body gets ready to produce more milk to meet the demands of your growing newborn.

You can opt for disposable breast pads or for washable organic nursing pads.



In addition to breast pads, warm and cold breast therapy is another postpartum care kit MUST!

Booby Tubes® are another wonderful Earth Mama product designed to help us endure the breastfeeding journey, especially during the early weeks. Booby Tubes® are gel-free breast packs made with an organic cotton shell and filled with fresh, pliable flax seed.Earth Mama Organics - Booby Tubes™

You can use them warm or cold, depending on your nursing needs.

Cold therapy: alleviates feeding discomfort, reduce the swelling, tenderness of engorgement, and during the weaning process.

Warm Therapy: helps encourage milk flow, avoid clogged ducts, and promote let-down.


Nipple care will be essential in preventing and treating cracked nipples. In turn, it will save you a lot of pain and frustration.

One of the most popular, organic and safe to use is Organic Nipple Balm- The Honest Company.It is made with high-quality, certified organic ingredients, so there’s no need to wipe off before nursing! This organic nipple balm relieves irritation and revitalizes sensitive, sore, or chapped nursing nipples. Simply to nipple area after every feeding and as often as needed.

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Postnatal Vitamins 


Although not a postpartum “must-have” per say, it is definitely a postpartum essential.

During the postpartum period your body needs all the help it can get. You can opt to continue taking your prenatal vitamins or you can opt for for postnatal vitamins created specifically for your postpartum and lactation needs.

Postnatal vitamins have plenty of vitamins and minerals that will aid and speed postpartum healing.

But, we will not be taking any junk full of chemicals of course.

A great option is Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamin with 25+ Organic Vitamins and Organic Herbs. These organic prenatal have amazing Amazon Reviews making it a popular narural postpartum essential amongst many moms.

In addition, as per the manufacturer they are said to increases breast milk production by up to 50% and contain Choline to support healthy brain development.

The Actif Organic Postnatal Vitamins are Certified non-GMO, gluten-free, BPA-free and free of corn and corn derivatives.

Remember to consult with your health care provider before you start taking any supplements.


Part of your postpartum recovery kit should include pain relievers and stools softeners.

However, ensure to talk to your doctor before taking any medication.


Tylenol is a safe option to use while breastfeeding (source). Although not organic or dye free, good old Tylenol will definitely get the job done when natural remedies and alternative methods enough.

Bottom line… happy mama, happy baby. Therefore, Tylenol is a keeper in our postpartum care kit.

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The postpartum period is like anything else you’ll ever go through.

The miraculous creation that lived inside you for nine months will be finally in your arms. And that will come with a whole lot of feelings, new experience and challenges.

There will moments of surreal and utter bliss and joy.

But there will also be moments of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Making sure that you are have crafted a postpartum care plan and included this natural postpartum kit (before the baby comes) will give you peace of mind and allow for faster healing.

Having a DIY postpartum recovery kit, and knowing that all ingredient are safe and optimal for you and baby, will give you one less thing to worry about.

Will you be making a postpartum care kit?

Pin this checklist for later…

all-natural postpartum care kit, organic nand nontoxic

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