The Ultimate Baby Nursery Checklist (13 Nursery Must-Haves)

Today we are talking about all things baby nursery checklist, that way it takes the stress and overwhelm of getting ready for baby.

Needless to say, there is a lot that comes with having a baby… and putting together a baby nursery isn’t the exception. So, to help keep you plan out your baby’s room, let’s go over one by one, 13 nursery items must-haves.

But, before we get started with the nursery checklist items let’s first decide on a few things…

Picking a Baby Nursery Theme or Design

Before we can start buying baby nursery items and painting walls, we must first have a nursery theme or design in mind.

Because there is an endless selection of nursery items in today’s market, choosing a nursery theme will help us narrow down our options.

Another option is to create a baby nursery vision board. Creating a vision board with items you wish to include, and picking a color palette, will aid you in visually seeing everything together before you commit to purchasing anything.

Here are some current popular baby nursery themes:

Nursery Layout and Spacing 

Another important aspect of designing your baby’s nursery is taking into consideration the room dimensions. It is very easy to get caught up in all of the beautiful baby nursery furniture, but what good is it, if it will not fit in the intended space.

The Third Trimester Checklist brings a Baby Nursery Checklist and Planner that allows you to map out your baby’s nursery dimensions. Doing so will give you a more accurate idea of how things will fit together in your space.

Nursery Planner Checklist

Don’t despair if you have a tiny space to work with. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes of nursery items to fit even the smallest of nursery spaces.

So, now that we have our baby nursery theme in mind and we know the size of the space we are working with, let’s go over all of our Nursery Mus-Haves!

In each category, I will be including some of my favorite (and popular items) to give you even more ideas as to what you can use.

In addition, all of these nursery essentials can be found in Amazon which is super convenient, especially if you have Amazon Prime! If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet and have been on the fence about it, here is a free 30-day trial.

Note: If you are looking to create an All-Natural and Organic nursey makes sure to check out The Ultimate Organic Baby Nursery List, instead!

The Ultimate Baby Nursery Checklist 

Baby nursery checklist

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1. Baby Crib and Mattress

One of the biggest staples in any baby nursery checklist is, of course, the baby crib and mattress.

There are many gorgeous options to choose from in today’s market which you can opt for depending on your nursery’s theme.

However, because our babies will spend most of their early life sleeping, it is important to make sure our baby’s crib and mattress are as safe as they are beautiful.

Make sure to give the Best Non-Toxic Cribs and Mattresses for Babies and Toddlers a read before you make your choice.

2. Crib Bedding 

The crib bedding is another nursery must-have. After all, it will help set the tone for the design feel we want to achieve in our baby’s room.

When selecting the crib bedding take into consideration what it is made of and its safety.

A great choice for crib bedding is always something made with organic cotton, as it is safe, comfortable, and durable.

Here are some great organic options you can purchase directly for Amazon:

* Images below

3. Nursery Dresser

Next, in our baby nursery checklist is to add a nursery dresser!

As you will soon experience, you will find yourself washing and folding a lot of baby clothing. While closets will become an important space as your child grows, dresses are a lifesaver in the early years when their clothes it is so small.

In addition, some nursery dressers come with adjacent diaper changing tables.

The advantage is that it creates a convenient station for diaper changing. For instance, the Delta 3-Drawer Changer Dresser is a great option.

Another alternative is to opt for a removable changing table. The advantage of this is that as the baby grows and there isn’t a need for a changing table, you can just remove it. In essence, allowing the nursery furniture to grow alongside your baby.

In that case, you would opt for a traditional 6-Drawer Nursery Dresser and purchase the removable changing tray sparely.

So, poopy diaper? No problem.

Go straight to your diaper changing station and everything you need will be at you reach— diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.

To get the best bang for your buck, buy the baby’s crib and dresser as a package deal. Typically, that will be cheaper than if you purchased the items individually.

4. Nursery Rocking Chair

Another big staple of any nursery is a rocking chair.

Because you will be spending a lot of time feeding, rocking, sleeping, and playing with your baby… you will need a comfortable sitting area.

Nursery rocking chairs range in style, size, colors, and materials. So, for a detailed list of Nursery Rocking Chairs, read this!

5. Nursery Rugs

Area rugs set the tone in any baby room, and as the baby grows they can be used as a “floor cushion” for them to crawl around in.

For that reason, opting for nursery rugs that are made of soft, safe, and non-toxic ingredients is ideal.

A great option for eco-friendly and non-toxic rugs is the Lorena Canal Rug Collection.

All of her rugs are machine-washable made out of 100% natural cotton and handmade by artisans. Because all of her nursery rugs are made with natural cotton, and non-toxic, natural dyes each rug is safe, light, soft, and flexible.

6. Baby Room Curtains 

Next, in our nursery must-haves, are curtains. After all, no one likes to take a nap in a bright room, including babies.

If you are interested in helping your baby nap soundly, so that you have a few minutes to yourself—or wash dishes and fold the clothes you have put to the dryer three times now—don’t forget to hang light-blocking curtains.

These Nursery Blackout Curtains by Turquoise are a popular option. They consist on 2 noise-reducing panels which are thermal insulated. They also come in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

7. Baby Monitors 

In recent years baby monitors have become an important staple of baby rooms. After all, keeping an eye on our children is what we are inclined to do since they are born.

They allow us to be able to get things done around the house while we keep an eye on them.

There are multiple options when it comes to baby monitors in today’s market. But you can narrow them down based on price point and features.

He are some great options…

A popular baby popular option with over 11,00 reviews is this Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera from Anmeate. It is a wireless video monitor with temperature monitoring, 960ft transmission range, 2-way talk capabilities, night vision, and high capacity battery. 

Other options for baby monitors include Monitors without a portable camera (which you can access from your phone) and an audio-only monitor.

Note: It is recommended for safety reasons that monitors aren’t placed directly in the crib. Instead, place it in a location in the room (e.g. dresser, shelf) where you can zoom the view to the crib).

8. White Noise Machine 

Another great item to have in a baby room is a white noise machine. They help set a calming and soothing mood to help the baby sleep soundly.

A #1 best-seller white noise machine for babies is the White Noise Machine from Letsfit. It currently has over 39,000 reviews and is a nearly perfect 5-star review on Amazon. 

 9. Diaper Pail 

Another nursery item must-have is a diaper pail!

Trust me when I tell you, you will be changing more diapers a day than you can even imagine. Having a handy place where you can toss dirty diapers in while at the same time hide the smell, it a must!

A popular and inexpensive diaper pail option is Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail from Dekor. It is easy to use, hands-free and built with odor control.

1o. Hamper

Much like changing a million diapers a day, be ready to make multiple outfit changes a day.

Spit ups, milk drips, diaper blow-outs, drool pool… you name it, it will happen, and often. Having a designated place where you can throw dirty clothes near the place you diaper change is a lifesaver.

A super cute and inexpensive option is this adorable Nursery Storage Bin. It is made out of fabric and it is collapsible.

11. Nursery Wall Decor

No baby nursery is complete without wall decor!

The wall art you choose for your baby’s nursery depends solely on the nursery theme you choose to go with.

But in essence, here are some of the most common wall decor baby nursery items:

*Images below

12. Baby Toys 

When it comes to nursery toys there a million options under the sun to choose from.

In the early months, the baby won’t be playing with much, and in my opinion, adding too many toys in the baby nursery will just become a dust collector.

Instead, pick a few toys you can decorate with and bring the bulk of the toys into the nursery when the baby can start playing with them.

A great and cute option is this Bedtime Originals Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant. They also have a baby girl elephant baby

Both of these cuties have a 5-star review on Amazon of nearly 10,000 happy customers.

13. Books (Baby and Toddler)

Last, but definitely not least, is adding books to our nursery baby checklist. Creating an early book interest in our children will increase the likelihood of love for books and reading.

As the baby grows, picking a book to read every night before bed is a fantastic night routine to implement.

When it comes to books I wholeheartedly recommend ordering them in bulk from They have a fantastic selection of kids’ books at a 50-90% discount from retail price! Make sure to take advantage of the free shipping by making an order of $35+.

Third Trimester Checklist Bundle

The Third Trimester Printable Bundle contains important checklists that take the guesswork out of getting ready for baby, including the Baby Nursery Checklist.

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In Summary

Designing our baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting things we look forward to once we find out we are expecting.

Having a Baby Nursery Checklist makes it SO much easier to plan out your baby’s room and check off items as you purchase or receive them.

It is my hope that is helpful to you and that you have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy.

Have you created your Baby Nursery Checklist yet?

Don’t forget to pin for later…

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