5 Best Natural Teethers (Safe and Non-Toxic)

When those little teeth start to make their appearance for your little one natural teethers can give them some comfort. While it may be more difficult to find these safe, non-toxic options, it is worth it for the health of our precious baby. 

We spend so much time thinking about how we are feeding and caring for our babies and choosing a natural teether is another way we can protect them from any toxins. 

The plastic teethers available at drug stores and big-box stores can be used in a pinch, but parents who prefer a more natural route should look for teethers made of more natural materials since they will be spending so much time in your baby’s mouth. 

Non Toxic Baby Teethers

Why Opt for Natural Teethers?

Teething can begin as early as 3 months or younger and can last until the last baby tooth makes its appearance around 3 years old. That is a long time. 

Since teething is a normal natural part of a baby’s development, you want to make sure that you are helping the baby stay comfortable with natural methods that will support your baby’s health. 

Natural teethers will help soothe your baby without exposing them to toxic BPAs, lead, or petroleum products. 

There are other reasons to opt for natural teethers as well. 

Are wooden teethers better than plastic?

Wooden teethers and wooden toys in general make a much smaller impact on the environment, and they can be recycled naturally or composted. 

Wooden teethers, sealed with natural sealants like olive oil, are a cleaner alternative to plastic. 

There are so many adorable wooden teethers available, I am sure you will find one that delights your child. 

Types of Natural Teethers

Teethers are soft toys that babies can chew on to help relieve the pain of the tooth pushing through the gum. 

Natural teethers are usually made of a few different types of materials. 

Natural Rubber

Rubber teethers are made of natural rubber, which is a product of the rubber tree. Rubber teethers have a soothing texture. 

The most popular natural rubber teethers are by Haaka the same company that makes the breast milk savers. 

These cute owl teethers have a sweet small shape and a ring for the baby to hold, you can also attach the teether to a pacifier clip so it does not fall on the floor. 

These teethers contain no plastic, no artificial colors or dyes, and are completely biodegradable. So many reasons to choose a natural teether. 

Natural Silicone 

Silicone is very popular for baby products because it is a more natural alternative to plastic. Silicone can be made in a wide range of colors and shapes. 

I like this cleverly designed no-drop teether. It slips on your baby’s wrist so that they can chew it and if they let go it will not drop onto the floor. 

I also like these teether tubes for older babies who are cutting teeth in the back. Older kids may need to chew further back in their mouths and these allow that. My son used these Y-shaped teethers until he was preschool-aged. They are often available in different hardness levels if you have a baby who is biting through teeth. 

Natural Wood

Simple wooden teethers are a great option as they last forever and they are completely biodegradable. 

If you get untreated wood teethers, you should coat them with cooking oil before giving them to the baby. This will extend the life of the teether and keep it from absorbing as much water. 

We used a simple Maple Teether like this one for my babies. I found it worked well for them as long as I took care of it. 

Be sure to inspect it regularly to be sure it is not starting to splinter and rub it with olive oil regularly to keep it in good condition. 

Organic Cotton

Frozen washcloths are often recommended to help babies cope with that teething pain, so you will want to have a set of organic cotton cloths on hand. 

You can wet the washcloths with water, breastmilk, or formula and put them in the freezer. This is a great treat for a particularly bad teething day. 

Your baby will not be able to hold it for very long because it is so cold, so you may need to hold it for them. 

There are so many options for natural teethers, it really comes down to your favorites when you start shopping. 

What about Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is a great solution for many parents when it comes to natural teethers. Amber is made of fossilized tree resin and is most plentiful in areas around the Baltic Sea, this includes parts of Latvia, Poland, Finland, and Sweeden.  

Baltic Amber is often made into beads and put on necklaces or bracelets and anklets and used to help soothe teething pain in babies. 

It should be worn directly in contact with the skin, so that as your body heats the amber its compounds get absorbed into the skin to help reduce pain and inflammation. 

Be sure that any amber you purchase is pure and raw. This will give the most benefit to the baby as the compounds that reduce inflammation and pain will be able to freely absorb into the skin. 

Amber teething necklaces should only be used when a child is closely supervised and never when sleeping or riding in a car seat. 

So, if you choose to use Amber teething products, be sure to remove them for naps, car rides, and independent playtime. 

Best Natural Teethers for Your Baby

Best natural and non-toxic baby teethers

Here is a shortlist of the best teethers for your sweet natural baby:

1. Elephant Silicone Teether

This adorable Elephant Silicone Teether is free of harmful BPA and is easy for the baby to hold. 

The multiple textured surfaces give your baby plenty of options to soothe their gums and the long trunk shape allows the baby to reach those back teeth. 

This teether comes in three beautiful colors and is made of 100% food-grade silicone. 

2. Bunny Baby Wooden and Silicone Teething Ring

This Bunny Teether is another great choice. The combination of Beechwood and 100% food-grade silicone makes this teether great for young babies. 

The ring shape makes it convenient to attach to a pacifier clip so it will not end up on a dirty floor. 

3. Haaka Natural Rubber Owl  

A fully natural rubber teether from Haaka is just the perfect teether. I love how the rubber is completely biodegradable and the multiple textures make it perfect for new teethers. 

Natural rubber does have a distinct smell and this product must be washed by hand. 

4. Silicone Rudder with Wooden Ring

This fun Silicone Rudder baby teething ring from Arudyo is BPA-free and perfect for soothing babies’ gums.

It is made with 100% food-grade silicone and natural beech, and I love that you can disinfect the silicone rudder (not the wooden ring) sith boiling water as it can withstand a high temperature of 200 degrees (for no more than 3 minutes).

5. Wooden Teething Rattle

This soft noise-making rattle/teether is a beautiful first toy for your little one. 

Made of 100% beechwood and food-grade silicone this offers babies plenty of chewing surfaces. The wood part is hand-sanded, non-toxic, and has no smell.

As soon as you start to see your baby shaking things around you will want to put one of these cute rattles in their hands. 

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In Summary

Baby teethers are a lifesaver when it comes to soothing our babies’ achy gums as their teeth grow are growing in.

However, not all teethers are created equal. For that reason, it is important we pay close attention to baby products we use, especially those that go straight into their mouths for minutes at a time.

I hope this list was helpful.

Which non-toxic baby teether do you think will work best for your baby?

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