3 Best Online Breastfeeding Courses for New Moms

Taking a breastfeeding course or class is the single most important things you can do to get ready for your baby’s arrival.

In the list of things to do in the third trimester such as preparing your postpartum care kit and getting your hospital bag ready… taking a breastfeeding course should be at the top of your list if you are thinking about breastfeeding and/or pumping.

In particular, online breastfeeding courses give you the ability to learn all you need to know about how to breastfeed your baby from the comfort of your home.

Why take a breastfeeding course?

You will often hear others say how breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world… Truth is, it takes a lot of work, patience, and practice.

Therefore, being well informed about what to do and what to expect during your breastfeeding journey can have an impact on long-term breastfeeding success.

As per the CDC’s 2018 Breastfeeding Report Card, 82.3% of moms start out breastfeeding, and only 46.9% (almost half) were exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months (source).

I know how it feels because I have been on both sides of the coin when it comes to my breastfeeding stories.

But one thing remains true, the more informed you are, the higher your chances of successfully breastfeeding long-term.

In addition, breastfeeding classes aren’t just for new moms. Breastfeeding classes are beneficial for all moms who are ready and willing to give breastfeeding a try despite their motherhood experience.

Why take an “online” breastfeeding course/class?

Online breastfeeding courses give you the ability to learn all you need to know from the comfort of your home.

They allow you to pause, rewind, take notes, and practice in complete privacy and comfort.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I opted to take my prenatal classes and breastfeeding classes at my birthing hospital.

There were other couples who attended and although the information was helpful it felt impersonal and rushed.

After all, practicing breastfeeding positions and talking about relieving breast engorgement in front of strange men wasn’t my idea of a good time.

Time. We live in times where fitting something in our schedule is nearly impossible. Online classes allow you to learn at your own time.

Affordability. Online courses tend to be more affordable in nature and the courses listed here are no exception.

Convenience. No surprise online courses are increasing in popularity. After all, learning about breastfeeding, in my pj’s, next to my husband, eating a bowl of ice cream, sounds like a much better time that attending a breastfeeding class in a hospital classroom.

Privacy. Not everyone feels the same way about breastfeeding. Some moms are more conservative than others when it comes to practicing some of the techniques taught in the course. Like I said, as a  mom-to-be, I found it really uncomfortable to take a breastfeeding class in a room full of men. No need to worry about that with online breastfeeding courses. You get to learn and practice from the comfort of your home.

Accessibly. One of the biggest perks of online courses is that you can access them at any time, anywhere. Unlike in-person classes where the information is presented to you one time in the span of an hour, an online course allows you to replay and rewind at your convenience. This is extremely convenient given that you are learning a new skill.

Safety. With the recent world pandemic many things have changed the way we go about our day to day, specially the places we visit while we are expecting. If sitting down at a childbirth class at your birthing hospital isn’t something you are comfortable doing, then an online breastfeeding course is the ideal option.

So, if you rather take your breastfeeding classes in your pj’s, with your husband, eating your favorite snack, and pausing it at your leisure to take your every-10-minutes pee break…. then read on!

Next are the Best Online Breastfeeding Courses that will teach you step-by-step all you need to know about breastfeeding and pumping before the baby arrives.

Best Online Breastfeeding Courses

Best Online Breastfeeding Classes

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All of the following online breastfeeding classes are part of Milkology.

Best Online Breastfeeding Classes

Each Masterclass forms a crucial part of the phases of breastfeeding so that you feel comfortable and prepared every step of the way.

All Masterclasses are taught by Stacey Steward, a Certified Lactation Educator through CAPPA, a mom of 3, and the founder of Milkology.

Stacey has taught lactation to thousands of women throughout her career! Her mission is to educate and empower breastfeeding moms to reach their lactation goals (breastfeeding/pumping) with confidence and ease.

Milkology offers 3 affordable Masterclasses which cover the most important phases of breastfeeding and they include:

  • Class 1: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class 
  • Class 2: The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class 
  • Class 3: The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

The beauty of the Milkology online breastfeeding classes is that you can pick and choose which ones meet YOUR needs.

Next, we will discuss each breastfeeding class in detail so that you can pick and choose which ones fit your needs.

1. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Best Online Breastfeeding Classes

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a simple step-by-step program that covers everything you need to know in 13 easy-to-watch lessons.

This class will have you breastfeeding your baby with complete confidence and empower you to successfully reach your lactation goals.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake women make that can sabotage breastfeeding
  • The most effective breastfeeding position to get a deep latch
  • 2 simple ways to ensure your baby is getting enough milk
  • A powerful strategy to make more milk whenever you need to
  • 7 places to seek out and find your super support tribe
  • …and much more!

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class includes the following 5 steps and along with 13 step-by-step videos:

  • Step 1: Discover the Benefits
  • Step 2: Understand the Process
  • Step 3: Learn the Techniques
  • Step 4: Know What to Expect
  • Step 5: Find Support & Get Prepared


  1. Exclusive Discounts
  2. The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide: Common Breastfeeding Issues {PDF}
  3. eBook: The Little Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets
  4. Start Breastfeeding Milestone Photo Cards

>> Enroll in course for ONLY $19 <<

2. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class 

Best Online Breastfeeding Classes for New Moms

Not all moms are able to exclusively breastfeed. As a matter of fact, many moms opt to pump for multiple reasons (take a rest, let daddy feed the baby, breast engorgement, going back to work, etc.).

Whatever your reasons are for pumping partially or exclusively, Milkology’s Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class can teach you all you need to know so that you can do it successfully.

This class will have you pumping milk for your baby with complete confidence and empower you to successfully reach your exclusively or supplemental pumping goals.

Here are a few things you will learn:

  • The biggest secret to exclusive pumping success
  • 2 simple strategies to maximize your output
  • Exactly how often and how long you’ll need to pump
  • The most effective ways to store milk
  • Tips to stay sane when the pump is driving you crazy
  • …and much more!

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class includes include the following 3 steps and along with 11 step-by-step videos:

  • Step 1: Get Your Gear (3 Video Lessons)
  • Step 2: Pump Like a Pro (4 Video Lessons)
  • Step 3: Prepare for Success (3 Video Lessons)


  1. eBook: Exclusive Pumping Pro Tips
  2. 6 Printable Pumping Door Signs
  3. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Troubleshooting Guide
  4. Exclusive Discounts

>> Enroll in course for ONLY $19 <<

 3. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

Online Breastfeeding Classes

Most moms must return to work while breastfeeding.

One of the biggest concerns for working moms is how they will be able to continue to breastfeed and pump when they return to work.

That is where The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class comes in.

What you will learn:

  • A strategy to maximize milk expression
  • How to build a freezer stash of milk while on maternity leave
  • How to help your baby to take a bottle with ease
  • A step-by-step process to make a plan with your employer
  • 7 practical tips to ease your transition
  • What to do if you’re not pumping enough milk
  • …and much more!

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class includes the following 5 steps and along with 13 step by step videos:

  • Step 1: Get Your Perfect Pump (2 Video Lessons)
  • Step 2: Learn to Pump Like a Pro (3 Video Lessons)
  • Step 3: Make Plenty of Milk (2 Video Lessons)
  • Step 4: Plan Your Return (3 Video Lessons)
  • Step 5: Prepare for Success (3 Video Lessons)


  1. Exclusive Discounts
  2. Video: What to Do if You’re Not Pumping Enough (4:05)
  3. eBook: Pro Pumping Tips
  4. 6 Printable Pumping Door Signs

>> Enroll in course for ONLY $19 <<

Additional Online Breastfeeding Resources

The Breastfeeding Cookbook 

Another amazing and affordable resource is the Breastfeeding Cookbook by Liesel Teen from Mommy Labor Nurse. Shes has a collection if duper informative resources for moms-to-be in her shop.

The Breastfeeding Cookbook

The Breastfeeding Cookbook is for nursing mamas who are looking for a fresh new set of healthy recipes to follow! It contains Breastfeeding Tips and Info, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts AND Drink Recipes.

You’ll get full access to the 117 page eBook, and it’s available to you via online access, or free for you to print.

* Use Promo Code: LOVELYMOMHOOD for a 10% OFF discount!

>> Grab the eBook for only $17, (with discount!) <<

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 In conclusion

Online breastfeeding courses are incredibly beneficial. Not just for new moms but for moms that are looking to give breastfeeding another chance.

Being informed and knowing what to expect is the recipe for a successful and long-term breastfeeding journey… and that is what online breastfeeding classes can offer.

That is one of the many things I love about Milkology… that not only is it packed with sanity-saving breastfeeding tips and information, but that it also allows you to learn it from the comfort of your home without breaking the bank.

Trust me… during your postpartum recovery period, worrying about learning how to breastfeed is the last thing you want to do.

So, put on your comfy pj’s, grab your hubby, and your favorite ice cream bucket and start learning about one of the most important aspects of caring for your precious little baby.

Oh, and don’t forget a pen and paper because there is a lot to learn. However, the good news is that you can pause, rewind, and or watch again any of your classes.

There will be at your disposal whenever you need them.

Happy and healthy breastfeeding journey my friend!

Have you taken any online breastfeeding classes yet? Why or why not?

Don’t forget to pin it for later…

Best Online Breastfeeding Classes

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