57 Pregnancy Journal Prompts by Trimester (Free Printable)

There is no better way to document your pregnancy journey than by keeping and maintaining a journal that contains pregnancy journal prompts.

A pregnancy journal is a personal diary used by expectant mothers to document their experiences, emotions, and milestones throughout pregnancy. It serves as a keepsake to capture the journey from conception to childbirth and beyond.

Discover the joys of pregnancy journaling as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, and cherish every moment with our comprehensive guide.

What are pregnancy journal prompts?

Pregnancy journal prompts are thought-provoking questions or themes designed to help expectant mothers reflect on their pregnancy journey. These prompts inspire and guide journal entries, helping mothers-to-be explore various aspects of pregnancy, motherhood, and the transition to parenthood.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Journal

Pregnant woman writing pregnancy journal prompts

Selecting the right pregnancy journal is an essential step. Some aspects of a journal can include its format, size and layout, design and aesthetics, and accessibility. Various types of journals are available, each offering unique features and benefits.

Consider the following factors when choosing the right journal for you:


Decide whether you prefer a traditional paper journal, a digital journal or app, or a multimedia format incorporating photos, videos, and artwork. Each format has advantages, so choose one that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Size and Layout

Consider the size and layout of the journal. Do you prefer a compact journal that you can easily carry or a larger format with plenty of space for writing and embellishments? Choose a layout that suits your writing style and preferences.

Design and Aesthetics

Pay attention to the journal’s design and aesthetics. Select a journal that resonates with you visually and reflects your personality and style. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist design or a colorful, embellished journal, choose one that inspires creativity and reflection.


If you opt for a digital journal or app, ensure it’s accessible across multiple devices and platforms. This allows you to journal on the go and easily sync your entries for safekeeping.

Journaling Tips

Adding memorabilia to pregnancy journal

Keeping up with a pregnancy journal should be an enjoyable process. Follow some tips to prevent it from becoming a burden.

Designated Space

Where do you plan on journaling? Consider choosing a peaceful and quiet space that is comfortable and cozy.

This can sound a bit difficult, especially if you already have children. But try to find a space that meets your needs so you can focus on journaling without distractions. Whether it’s a cozy corner of your home or a favorite café, having a designated journaling space can help you get into the right mindset for reflection.

Establishing a Routine

Establishing a daily routine should be the aim, but be realistic. Establish a realistic routine for your daily lifestyle, depending on how busy your life is. Again, keeping up with a pregnancy journal should be an experience that you enjoy and doesn’t become a burden.

Set aside dedicated time each day or week to reflect on your pregnancy journey and record your thoughts and experiences.

Writing Style

This is usually an overlooked part of journaling that can elevate the quality of your entries. Remember that you are writing these entries so that years later, you and/or your children can reflect on your entries.

Write in a style that feels authentic to yourself. Whether you prefer a casual, conversational tone or a more formal writing style, let your personality shine through in your journal entries.


This part of journaling is my favorite. Be creative when incorporating memorabilia into your journal. Some of the most common items can be ultrasound photos, baby shower invitations, or exceptional items that have great meaning to you.

These tangible reminders of your pregnancy journey can add depth and meaning to your journal and serve as cherished keepsakes for years.

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First-trimester Pregnancy Journal prompts

  1. Describe the Moment You Found Out You Were Pregnant
  2. Reflect on Your Initial Emotions and Reactions to the News
  3. Document Any Symptoms or Changes You Experienced During the First Trimester
  4. Share Your Thoughts and Feelings About Sharing the News With Loved Ones
  5. Write About Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Baby’s Future
  6. Discuss Any Challenges or Concerns You Faced During the Early Stages of Pregnancy
  7. Describe Your First Prenatal Appointment and Any Questions You Had for Your Healthcare Provider
  8. Capture the Excitement of Seeing Your Baby for the First Time on an Ultrasound
  9. Write a Letter to Your Unborn Baby, Expressing Your Love and Anticipation
  10. Reflect on How Your Relationship With Your Partner Has Changed Since Learning About the Pregnancy

second-trimester Pregnancy Prompts

Pregnant women journaling at a park
  1. Document Any Physical Changes You’ve Noticed in Your Body During the Second Trimester
  2. Describe Your Experiences With Prenatal Care Appointments and Check-Ups
  3. Discuss Any New Cravings or Aversions You’ve Developed During Pregnancy
  4. Share Your Thoughts and Feelings About Preparing for the Arrival of Your Baby
  5. Write About Any Memorable Moments or Milestones From the Second Trimester
  6. Reflect on How Your Relationship With Your Body Has Evolved During Pregnancy
  7. Document Any Special Moments You’ve Shared With Your Partner or Loved Ones
  8. Discuss Any Concerns or Anxieties You’ve Experienced During the Second Trimester
  9. Describe How You’ve Been Preparing Emotionally and Mentally for Parenthood
  10. Share Your Hopes and Aspirations for the Remainder of Your Pregnancy and Beyond

Third-trimester Pregnancy Journal prompts

  1. Discuss Your Experiences With Fetal Movements and Bonding With Your Baby
  2. Describe Your Preparations for Childbirth, Including Birth Plans and Preferences
  3. Reflect on Your Thoughts and Feelings as Your Due Date Approaches
  4. Write a Letter to Your Baby, Expressing Your Love and Excitement for Their Arrival
  5. Document Any Nesting Instincts or Preparations You’ve Made for the Baby’s Arrival
  6. Discuss Any Fears or Anxieties You Have About Labor and Delivery
  7. Share Your Thoughts on Becoming a Parent and the Changes It Will Bring to Your Life
  8. Describe Any Special Moments or Milestones You’ve Experienced During the Third Trimester
  9. Reflect on the Support You’ve Received From Your Partner, Family, and Friends Throughout Pregnancy
  10. Write About Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Baby’s Future and the Journey Ahead

Motherhood prompts

  1. Reflect on the Most Memorable Moments of Your Pregnancy Journey
  2. Describe How Pregnancy Has Changed Your Perspective on Life and Motherhood
  3. Discuss Any Challenges or Obstacles You’ve Faced During Pregnancy and How You’ve Overcome Them
  4. Write a Letter to Your Future Self, Reflecting on Your Experiences as an Expectant Mom
  5. Document Any Lessons You’ve Learned or Insights You’ve Gained Throughout Pregnancy
  6. Describe How You’ve Balanced Self-Care and Nurturing Your Baby During Pregnancy
  7. Discuss Your Hopes and Aspirations for Your Role as a Mother and the Relationship With Your Child
  8. Reflect on the Support Network You’ve Built and the Importance of Community During Pregnancy
  9. Write About Your Feelings as You Approach Childbirth and the Excitement of Meeting Your Baby

Pregnancy Journal prompts for the future

pregnant woman thinking about the future
  1. Describe Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Baby’s Health and Well-Being
  2. Discuss the Values and Traditions You Hope to Pass on to Your Child
  3. Write About the Kind of Parent You Aspire to Be and the Relationship You Hope to Have With Your Child
  4. Document Any Aspirations You Have for Your Child’s Education, Career, and Personal Development
  5. Share Your Thoughts on the World You Hope Your Child Will Grow Up in and the Changes You’d Like to See
  6. Reflect on the Legacy You Hope to Leave for Your Child and the Impact You Hope to Make as a Parent
  7. Describe the Adventures and Experiences You Look Forward to Sharing With Your Child as They Grow Up
  8. Discuss Any Fears or Uncertainties You Have About the Future and How You Plan to Navigate Them as a Parent
  9. Share Your Thoughts on the Journey Ahead and the Excitement of Watching Your Child Grow and Thrive

Pregnancy Journal prompts for self-discovery

  1. Describe a Moment During Pregnancy When You Felt Overwhelmed With Joy
  2. Reflect on a Time When You Felt Anxious or Uncertain About the Future as an Expectant Mother
  3. Write About a Pregnancy Milestone That Brought Tears to Your Eyes
  4. Describe a Moment When You Felt Deeply Connected to Your Baby, Whether Through Movement or a Special Experience
  5. Reflect on the Support You’ve Received From Friends and Family During Your Pregnancy Journey
  6. Write About a Time When You Felt Proud of Yourself for Overcoming a Challenge During Pregnancy
  7. Discuss Any Fears or Concerns You Have About Childbirth and Becoming a Parent
  8. Describe How Journaling Has Helped You Process Your Emotions and Navigate the Ups and Downs of Pregnancy
  9. Reflect on the Changes You’ve Experienced Emotionally and Mentally Since Learning About Your Pregnancy
Pregnancy Journal Printable

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There is no better way to document your pregnancy journey than by keeping a daily journal. These pregnancy journal prompts should inspire and assist with structuring your pregnancy journal. Using pregnancy journal prompts allows you to fill your journal with meaningful topics and memories you can cherish for years.

Remember that selecting the right pregnancy journal is an essential step. Some things to consider include its format, size and layout, design and aesthetics, and accessibility. Also, don’t forget to designate a space that offers the peace needed to make your entries. Additionally, consider which writing style you want to use and add meaningful memorabilia to add more depth to your journal.

Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Prompts

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